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'Austin Powers' Rumored To Be Getting A 4th Movie With Mike Myers

Can I pose a question, dear readers? Is this really what you want?

Sure, it probably would have been good if he had done 4 right after Goldmember but... it's been a long time since 2002. We've gotten older. Mike Myers has gotten older.

Are we absolutely certain it's going to be as good as the other ones?

We live in a "post new idea" world.


Where most of mainstream Hollywood is dominated by adaptations, remakes, reboots, recidivism, and reimaginings.

It's all started to get a little annoying and a lot of critics think we should retire the whole practice.

Wait a minute...

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There are rumors a new Austin Powers is coming out? Why that's a franchise that I enjoy!

Nevermind, forget the whole retirement business and give me more of that sweet, delicious nostalgia, baby!

Recently, Deadline talked to Jay Roach, director of the first three films

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And he said that he would totally be open to doing a fourth and that fans should never say never even as the cast gets older and older.

So what's stopping them?

Well, Myers has yet to find inspiration.

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According to Roach:

"I wouldn't say never never...I'm always game for whatever [Mike Myers] wants to do. It does depend on Mike having something that he's inspired about, and so far, after all these years, it hasn't quite clicked yet."

Well, hurry up! We're not getting any younger, here!