14+ Wax Paper Hacks To Try With Your Next Roll

Diply 11 Oct 2018

Wax paper (or waxed paper if you'd prefer) can be found in most kitchens. The waxy coating provides waterproofing, which makes it pretty handy for various cooking applications.

But I know why you're here: you want to think outside the box and take this kitchen staple outside the kitchen in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways, just like you've done for ziplock bags, tinfoil, and plastic wrap.

Fear not — we've got you.

1. Give your can opener a new lease on life.

Pinterest | Zions Bank

Lots of stuff runs well if it's waxed regularly, and your can opener is no exception. Just like oil helps cars run smoothly, the waxy coating of wax paper will help clean and renew the gears of your can opener.

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2. Give your sink a buff.

YouTube | AlaskaGranny

Stainless steel fixtures like kitchen sinks and faucets have a way of attracting fingerprints and blemishes. You can give them a quick buff using wax paper, as demonstrated by AlaskaGranny. The waxy coating will give these fixtures a layer of protection.

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3. Build a seaworthy boat.

YouTube | PuppyStarProductions

All you need for origami is paper. So, what do you get when you make origami using wax paper? Waterproof origami! You can put it to the test by building this fun origami boat, as shown by YouTuber PuppyStarProductions.

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4. Make attractive "stained glass."

YouTube | Sooner Yearbook

Wax paper lets the light shine through while still staying opaque. Use this unique characteristic to your advantage with this project for a stained glass-style banner. YouTube channel Sooner Yearbook has full instructions for this one.

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5. Put a personal stamp on your furniture.

YouTube | Sincerely, Sara D.

It isn't hard to add customized designs to wood pieces. It entails printing designs onto wax paper using a standard printer, then carefully smoothing it onto the piece in question. YouTuber Sincerely, Sara D. shows us how it's done.

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6. Keep your zippers zipping.

YouTube | OneCrazyHouse

When a zipper fails, it feels tragic. They usually fail because there's too much friction and they've become unattached. You can keep them in tip-top condition by lubricating them with a simple wax paper rub, as shown by OneCrazyHouse on YouTube.

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7. Hack a piping bag.

YouTube | HoneyMoo

Unless you bake all the time, you've probably misplaced a few of those icing piping bags over the years. Fortunately, wax paper is durable and waterproof, making it an ideal candidate for a DIY bag. YouTuber HoneyMoo shares full instructions.

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8. Write a letter to remember.

YouTube | Mocy Girl

For the crafty type, this tutorial from Mocy Girl looks like a lot of fun. An envelope made of wax paper helps keep things inside dry, and the translucence gives a tantalizing glimpse of whatever's inside.

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9. Make your own peel and stick glue dots.

The Graphics Fairy | The Graphics Fairy

Scrapbookers and DIY enthusiasts are probably familiar with the little peel-and-stick dots of glue you can buy in craft stores. You can make your own, for far cheaper, by following the instructions from The Graphics Fairy — all you need is glue and wax paper.

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10. Easily freeze bacon.

Reddit | NeuroMom

Let's say you've picked up some bacon on sale. You toss it in the freezer. When it's time to use it, it's become one big frozen clump. Easily divvy it up into manageable chunks by using folded-up wax paper, as suggested by NeuroMom on Reddit. I wish I'd known this hack sooner!

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11. Put the finishing touches on a fire starter.

Sadie Seasongoods | Sadie Seasongoods

If you have a fireplace or go on camping trips, fire starters are a must. This hack from Sadie Seasongoods utilizes free stuff (TP rolls and dryer lint) to get the fire going. Add a twist of wax paper to seal it up and provide weatherproofing, and you're good to go.

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12. Make a statement piece for your ceiling.

YouTube | Lori Allred

YouTuber Lori Allred creates projects found on Pinterest to see if they really work. She used circles punched out of wax paper, affixed to a frame, to create a fun ceiling fixture. Wax paper mutes and diffuses light, which should make this one look great.

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13. Make your iron work like new.

YouTube | Household Hacker

When your iron gets messy — say, with melted-on plastic — it's actually simple to clean up. Household Hacker shows just how easy it is. Just apply a bunch of salt to a piece of wax paper, then iron it on high heat. No more mess!

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14. Protect your books.

YouTube | Mocy Girl

You can give your hardcover books a protective library-esque cover with carefully folded wax paper. YouTuber Mocy Girl shares a quick tutorial, which comes with the bonus of giving your books a fun aesthetic.

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15. Create luminous art.

YouTube | MissDebbieDIY

Wax paper's translucence allows light to pass through, albeit in a diffused way. This makes it a good candidate for all kinds of fun art projects. This one from MissDebbieDIY uses popsicle sticks, melted crayons, and waxed paper to make an attractive lightbox.

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16. You barely even need a real funnel.

YouTube | Ranz Ocampo

As we've stated a few times in this list, wax paper's primary characteristic is that it's waterproof. So if you're lacking a funnel, or just need one in an odd size, rig one up like Ranz Ocampo did! You just need some tape to secure it.

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