10+ 'The Chronicles Of Narnia' Mistakes Fans Probably Didn't Catch

Ahhh. I've got my tea, I've got a cozy blanket draped over my shoulders, the grey and dead Canadian winter rolls on endlessly in my backyard.

I take a deep breath, allowing the scent of the Black Chai Tea to fill my eager nostrils. A smile can't help but break out on my face.

It's time to ruin another movie.

1. The Reflector Screen


There is a moment when Mrs. MacReady meets the Pevensie children at the train station when she bends down to talk to them.

At this moment, you can see a reflector screen in her glasses.

A reflector screen is a piece of film equipment, by the way.


So it definitely was not supposed to be there.

And it certainly wasn't supposed to be reflected in the scene where they enter the house and Mrs. MacReady says "There shall be no disturbing of the professor."

2. The Powdered Sugar


In the scene where the White Witch gives Edmund some Turkish Delight candy, the amount of powdered sugar on his lips changes from shot to shot.

Sometimes there's a lot, sometimes there's isn't.

3. The Hand Mark


When she enters the wardrobe for the first time, Lucy puts a handprint on the lamp post.

This handprint changes position a couple of times in the next couple of shots.

4. More Hand Stuff


Once again, when Lucy is at the lampost, she first touches the thing with her right hand.

However, when it cuts to the overhead shot, her left hand is on the post.

5. Tumnus' Umbrella

When Mr. Tumnus meets Lucy for the first time, the amount of snow on his umbrella changes between the scenes.

Sometimes there is a lot, sometimes there is only a little.

6. Where's The Arrow?


When Susan shoots an arrow at the target, it sits in a certain place.

However, in later shots, the position of the keeps on arrow changing. Where's the arrow, man? Where's the arrow?

7. The Girls On Aslan


When the girls are on Aslan's back, you can tell that there's a flat-screen (how they project the background, not a TV) behind them.

You can just tell, you don't even need a trained eye.

8. The Paper Rip


In the scene where Peter rips down the notice about Mr. Tumnus' capture, he rips the piece of paper a bit when he pulls the nail.

In future shots, the paper is intact and then ripped again.

9. Aslan Running


Speaking of which, when Aslan is running (pretty fast, mind you) with the girls on his back their hair never moves. As if there's no wind going through it.

And Aslan looks like he's going at a decent speed!

10. The Beaver Tails


When the Beavers and the Penvesies are walking along the ice river, the Beavers drag their tails through the snow (as Beavers are known to do).

There's one problem with this though...

The tails never disturb the snow.


There's no tail trail, no mark, not one spec of snowflake is disturbed by the beavers' big fat tails being dragged through it.

How is this possible? And don't chalk it up to "Magic".

11. Different Packages


When Mr. Tumnus first encounters Lucy, he drops his packages everywhere.

However, when we go to the overhead shot, we see that the packages have moved slightly... or they're different packages.

12. Stabbed Through The Arm


There's a scene where the White Witch clearly stabs Peter through the arm with her sword.

However, in the next scene, the sword has gone through the chainmail and is attached to the ground.