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10+ Secrets About 'America's Next Top Model'

Ooh, would you take a look at this! We're finally going to learn all the dirty secrets about Tyra Bank's America's Next Top Model. Are they going to de damning?

Or are they going to be like most other secrets: not all that surprising.

I think you know it's going to be the former! Damn them! Damn them all!

1. Tyra's Stress Almost Made Her Quit Her Own Show

Being a model can be stressful. Running a show about models can be even more stressful.

That's why Tyra Banks actually almost quit due to stress in cycle 8. Yes, almost quit her own show.

Here's what she said about it:


"Many years ago, I was stressed with starting new businesses… I went to [my lawyer] and I was like, you know what, I’m ready to bring someone else in. I won’t say the name of that person, but I actually brought a different person to the network, met with them, and said, ‘This is the person I want to take the reins of this show.’ This was cycle 8. It was very early."

She continues:


"My lawyer held an intervention of sorts, and said, ‘What are you doing? You created this show. It’s starting to get traction around the entire world. I beg of you not to do this.’ But, I was so tired. I was like, fine, fine, I’ll just continue."

2. Why Is It So Stressful?


Besides the fact that it's a TV show and they are almost always stressful, she had to commit a lot of time.

The judging portion itself could take 6 to 7 hours to film.

3. The World Loves This Show


Not only does America's Next Top Model air in 150 different countries, but there are 40+ different international spinoffs.

These spinoffs include Italy (obviously, it's one of the fashion capitals of the world), Sweden, and Norway.

4. The Application


Getting on America's Next Top Model is a grueling process.

Not only do you have to send in an application (which, according to ex-contestant Renee Bhagwandeen, was 10 pages long).

But you also have to go through hours of tests.


Psychology tests mostly.

A week before models are allowed to enter the house, they have to submit to hours and hours of these tests, mostly to determine what kind of personality you have.

5. Filming Constantly


There are reports that cameras were filing the contestants for, get this, 22 hours a day!

Well, you've got to be around to catch those juicy dramatic moments, I guess.

6. The Age Restriction


Keep in mind this was before cycle 23, so this rule doesn't really apply anymore.

But, in the old days of America's Next Top Model, you had to be 27 or younger to apply.

7. Where Do The Losers Go?


Back when the show first started, you could just go home when you were eliminated.

But now with social media, contestants are required to stay in an [hotel] until the show is over.

8. Bag Limitations


A lot of reality shows put restrictions on how much you can bring into a house (or wherever you happen to be staying).

Not America's Next Top Model! You can bring as much as you want, there are no bag limitations.

9. Angelea Preston's Elimination


Back in Cycle 10, it was actually Angelea Preston who won.

However, her winning episode never aired and she was disqualified for working as a paid escort prior to the show.

10. Sleep Deprived


According to Victoria Marshman, who was a contestant on Cycle 9, the show would deprive her and the other contestants of sleep, which is why tensions were always so high.

11. Unscripted


According to the producers, America's Next Top Model is one of the only reality TV shows that is completely and totally unscripted.

Then again, that could just be a lie.