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10+ Scenes From Movies That Shouldn't Have Been Deleted

Most of the time, movies are pretty complete when they're finished. Sure, there are deleted scenes, but most of them were just frivolous and extra.

But then there are some times when a scene is deleted when it totally should not have been. When they add something to the story.

These are those scenes.

1. Captain America Adjusts To The Future

Or... The present, I guess.

There was an emotional scene in The Avengers where Captain America has to go through the whole "adjusting to the present" thing, and it's very heartbreaking.

He sees that all of his friends are dead.


He goes to a restaurant and the waitress talks about free wireless, and he thinks "radio". It's funny (especially the Stan Lee cameo), but it's also very sad.

Joss Whedon regretted keeping this one out.

2. The Joker's Outtakes

There's a scene after The Joker blows up the hospital in The Dark Knight where he's just sitting on the bus and it's... unsettling.

He never looks back at the explosion.

3. Luke Gets His Lightsaber

Ever wonder how Luke got his green lightsaber?

Well, this deleted scene kind of explains it. He fiddles around with a handle for a while and when he presses it, the saber comes out green.

Why would this be cool?


Well, for one, it gives us some insight on how lightsabers are made.

And plus, it gives us like one or two more Darth Vader lines. And boy, do we love Vader.

4. The Cocoon Scene

This was one cut from the original Alien and man, is it a doozy.

Ripley finds out what happened to the rest of her crewmates, and trust me, it is not for the faint of heart.

This would have been cool because...


Not only is it a grisly scene where her friends are begging her to kill them, but it also alludes to what will happen in James Cameron's Aliens.

Just an awesome scene.

5. Loki's Coronation

There was a scene cut out from Thor: The Dark World where Loki casts an illusion in his cell.

During this illusion, he's being crowned King of Asgard and even wields Mjolnir.

Why would we want this?


Well, mostly because it would make us feel a little more for Loki's character.

But also because we love Tom Hiddleston as Loki, and more of him would just be great.

7. Lex Luthor Communes With An Alien

While the Batman Vs Superman movie was pretty long, we could have done with this scene where Lex Luthor is talking to a strange alien menace.

It would have made his warning to Batman make a little more sense.

8. Miranda Says "Thank You" To Andy

After crapping all over her for an entire movie, this scene would have added a little bit of humanity to Meryl Streep's Miranda character.

It may have been out of character, but we would have loved it.

6. Matt Smith's Scene

In Bruges was a pretty darn good movie, but we totally could have done with a Matt Smith scene (one where he plays a young Harry).

Why? Because Matt Smith is awesome, that's why.

9. Pennywise Eats A Baby


There was supposed to be a scene in It Chapter 2 where we explore Pennywise's origins.

In that scene, Pennywise actually eats a baby. That, in short, would have been hardcore.

10. Finn Lets A Villager Get Away


While The Force Awakens was a dumpster fire, this scene may have elevated it to just "hot trash."

There's a scene where Finn is supposed to shoot a villager as a Stormtrooper, but lets her get away instead.

11. Aunt Petunia's Speech


The Dursleys were always kind of a... let's call them mean, for the sake of a PG rating.

We didn't have any sympathy for these cruel muggles by the end of the series.

But we could have!

There was a scene that was deleted where Aunt Petunia talks about her sister, Lily (Harry's mom).

While the two of them weren't close, as she puts it: "She lost a sister," so she still feels the pain.

12. Riggs Takes On The Sniper

Warner Bros.

Ahhh, good old Lethal Weapon.

It is a classic action movie, and there isn't a single moment that could be added to it in order to make the movie better.

Except for this one.

Where we see Martin Riggs take on a sniper in a school house.

I don't want to ruin anything, so watch this scene for yourself, but damn is it sweet.

13. Why The Terminator Looks Like Arnold

Warner Bros.

Have you ever wondered why Skynet would choose to have its Terminators look like a big, beefy Austrian?

Well, as it turns out, Terminator 3 actually has that answer for you.

In this scene, we see one Sergeant Candy (Arnold) being selected to be the model for the Terminators way before Skynet went rogue.

They even do a joke about his voice, it's pretty funny.

14. The Kid Scene In "Bridesmaids"


There are a plethora of funny moments in Bridemaids.

Melissa McCarthy taking all the puppies, Kristen Wiig hammered on the plane, John Hamm in general, it's a non-stop laugh-fest for real.

But it's a shame this scene was cut out.

This kid is the master of awkward situations.

He says a slew of weird things and then you can't help but burst out laughing the second he says: "you're making me uncomfortable."

15. Okoye And W'Kabi's Relationship


A lot of people might forget (or might not even have realized) that W'Kabi and Okoye were married in Black Panther.

But for the most part, people at least knew they were together.

But in a deleted scene, they talk about the death of T'Challa, the current state of Wakanda...

And, most importantly, bringing up their children in a world ruled by T'Chaka.

See! Much better!

16. An Emotional Post Sinking Scene In "Titanic"

20th Century Studios

Yes, the ending of Titanic was pretty darn emotional. But could it have been, possibly, even more emotional?

With this scene at the end, yeah, it probably could have been.

In this mostly quiet scene, we see Rose get on to the Carpathia.

We see her mom looking for her, many crying faces and of course, the people staring down J. Bruce Ismay.

17. Elsa Becomes The Villain


It's hard to decide whether or not this was a good scene for Frozen.

On one hand, Elsa isn't really supposed to be the villain, so seeing her torture Arendelle soldiers would go against that point.

Then again, the scene is really cool.

And you can feel the Boss energy flowing from Elsa throughout the whole thing.

It would have made the twist a lot better.

18. The Mouth Of Sauron

Before you bite my head off, I know this scene is included in the extended versions, and yes those are the best ways to watch the Lord Of The Rings films.

But they weren't in the theatrical versions, so it still counts.

This scene was awesome.

A little on the awkward side, but the design for the Mouth Of Sauron is so darn good we can't help but want to see more.

19. Beast Recites Shakespeare

20th Century Studios

This one was from X-Men: The Last Stand, and boy was it good.

Casting Kelsey Grammer as Beast was probably one of the best choices the series made, amongst many other good ones.

And this scene shows off his acting prowess.

He nails a speech from Henry V, specifically St. Crispin's speech. It was another great moment (unfortunately cut out) from an otherwise underrated movie.

That's right, X3 was underrated!