12+ Pics That Are Way Outside Of The Box

Diply 11 Oct 2018

Usually, thinking outside of the box is considered to be a good thing. However, some things go so far out of the box that it's almost like they're from another planet or something. I'm not sure I want to visit that planet.

1. I'd really like to know whose bright idea this was. Sure, maybe they needed a playground in the area, but not like this. 

Reddit | famousright

Who is actually supposed to be able to use this? Only birds could without serious injury. Sounds fun!

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2. I'm sorry, but I don't think any amount of candy could ever make the gym enjoyable. 

Reddit | HungryShaq

I would probably accidentally eat those all at once. I think I'll just stick to eating ice cream at home. No one can judge me there.

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3. I'm pretty sure this person might have gotten into those jelly beans. That looks more painful than it's worth.

Uber Humor | Uber Humor

I know you can exercise anywhere, but I would want to exercise in a more sanitary place. To each their own.

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4. This is what I would call a very unbalanced breakfast. I don't recommend this. 

Reddit | ilovedounts

Maybe they just wanted to multitask by eating breakfast and washing their mouth at the same time.

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5. I'm not exactly sure this is the brightest idea I've ever seen. 

Reddit | trob

I can't help but think this guy will feel instant regret when he falls flat on his face.

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6. I think it's safe to say that this lady is ready for anything the apocalypse might throw at her.

Reddit | ChimpJuice

She could make a killing selling that toilet paper. Too bad it doesn't scare zombies.

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7. Can we please just stick to what we know? This makes my eyes burn.

Reddit | ilovedounts

Milk only belongs with cookies. The only thing that would make this worse is if that's a sweet pickle.

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8. I'm not sure how I feel about this hairstyle. If anything, I would avoid dogs.

Instagram | Instagram

I also feel like it would be worse than putting on makeup. Too much effort.

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9. Sure, get some great shots, but enjoy the moment.

Reddit | rp2012-blackthisout

I think the only thing worse than someone taking photos the whole time is when tall people sit in front of you.

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10. I really hope this worked out. That's a lot of money to drop on something like that.

Reddit | ClashOfTheEnder

I wish I had that kind of confidence in my face to get me a job.

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11. He's going to regret that when he's older. Oh wait, never mind.

Reddit | BreakYourselfFool

I hope that I have that kind of humor. I could do without the hair loss, though.

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12. To be honest, I've always wanted to take my wheelchair to a drive-through.

Imgur | Imgur

That horse had better have gotten some sort of treat for the effort. Weirder things have probably happened.

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13. It's almost like Ash and Pikachu had a Freaky Friday experience that went completely wrong. 

.Reddit | Discodriver43

I don't know who made this, but I do know that it's absolute nightmare fuel. No thanks!

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14. Don't get me wrong, I'm on team pineapple, but this is not right. 

Reddit | DrEnthusiasm

I find the pineapple-to-pizza ratio to be very troubling. Some things are only good in moderation.

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15. Would you like some fries with that ketchup? My eyes are burning just looking at this. 

Reddit | bidoofsaurus

Why don't you just get rid of the fries altogether? You'll never taste them, anyway.

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16. Nope. I thought people usually complained about having bugs in their food.

Twitter | @cursedimages_2

Personally, if I saw this in my coffee mug, I would probably never visit that coffee shop again.

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