Henry Cavill Almost Blinded Himself While Filming 'The Witcher'

The Witcher season 1 might be over, but the news seems to be never-ending. Henry Cavill continues to tell all about the show and what he had to do to become Geralt.

None of it was easy, but it did make for an amazing performance. So was it worth it?

'The Witcher' has officially been deemed "a jam."


Not in so many words, but fans all around the word have come together to collectively agree that The Witcher on Netflix is pretty darn good.

Better than Stranger Things, apparently.

And there are a couple of reasons why:


Let's set aside the awesome fantasy violence, the dark dreary atmosphere, the awesome CGI monsters, the characters who make us care for them in a way we haven't felt since Season 7 Game Of Thrones...

And look at the series' star: Henry Cavill.


The man is a beast, one of the most committed actors in this generation.

Not only did he agree to do most of the stunts for this series, not only did he play the video games on PC...

Not only did Cavill have to go through intense training to become Geralt, but he almost went blind while playing the character.

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The contacts he was wearing to play Geralt almost blinded him.

"I was only allowed to keep them in for three hours at a time, well I supposed to only keep them in three hours at a time," Cavill said.

What's the big deal with wearing contacts?


Cavill explains that:

"Drying out isn’t the problem, it’s that part of your eye, it’s the only part of your body that receives oxygen from the air rather than blood. And so if you’re covering it up, you’re not getting any oxygen to it, and over a long period of time, you will do damage to your eyes."

"But it got to the point where I couldn’t really keep my eyes open."


"It got to the point where my technician found me hiding in the shadows of my eyes closed because it was was very bright. She said take them out. And I said, No, No, I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine. She put her foot down and said, 'No, I’m stopping shooting until you take them out.'"

He said his eye technician took issue with his constant wearing of the contacts:


"My eye-technician was always pushing me to say like, 'No, I don’t care. I don’t care what you need to shoot, take, take the bloody contacts out, because you will start to go blind after a while.'"

So he'd respond:

YouTube | The Rich Eisen Show

"And I’d say, no, it’s alright we can shoot couple more hours will be fine. And she said, we won’t be fine. You’ve got to take them out now."

But Cavill did not believe his eye technician! Which is a pretty bold move.


"I was sure she was probably selling a slightly more dramatic version of the truth, because I do tend to be a bit stubborn like that,"

Then, it got worse for him while they were filming in the Canary Islands. Why? Because the dust from the volcanic rocks got behind the contacts.

"So my eyes ended up being scratched. I didn’t realise it was scratching so we went back to Budapest after our trip to Canary Islands."

What did it feel like?


Well, this next part is not for the feint of heart:

"Very, very stingy, very painful, but I just thought it’s just because I’m tired and not getting much sleep and I just need to muscle through it."

This isn't even the first time he's hurt himself for this role!


Yeesh Cavill, give it a rest! We get that you're committed, but come on man!

It's not worth destroying your body in such an awful and terrible way!

This is a picture he put on Instagram.

All it says is "When you take work home with you" in the caption.

What the heck are you doing over there Henry? Getting clawed or attacked by actual CGI monsters?

There was also that whole dehydration fiasco...


Remember that one scene he has in the tub where he (admittedly) looks totally ripped?

Well, that look didn't happen by accident. He had to dehydrate himself for a couple of days before that scene.

The process sounds horrible:


Cavill said:

“On the first day you’ll have a litre and a half, the second day half a litre and the third day no water and you’ll shoot on the fourth day.”



I'll say it again: Henry, we adore the commitment really, but you have to stop trying to kill yourself in these roles.

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