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People Are Sharing WWIII Memes After Trump Strike On Iran

When my alarm went off this morning and began to give me the day's news, I didn't expect sunshine and lollipops. It may be a new year, but Australia is on fire, American politicians are at each other's throats, and global tensions are high in general.

I didn't expect to hear about new American airstrikes in Iraq or see World War III trending on Twitter.

Once I realized what was happening, though, I wasn't surprised by the sheer volume of memes scrolling through my feeds. It's 2020 and memes are how we cope with the dumpster fire of life.

Why Couldn't It Be Cute Animals Or Kids?

Reddit | babblebam

Remember when the big memes were Charlie Bit My Finger or Dramatic Chipmunk? Those were simpler times.

Europe Is A Bit Baffled

Reddit | IAmTheGreenVex

Due to time zones, most of Europe probably knew about the airstrikes before America did, which seems appropriate. SMH

Sorry, West Coasters

By the time you were awake, the meme party was already winding down.

Germany FTW

Meanwhile, at least one European country is probably just glad that if this does cause WWIII, then when the history books get written, they won't bear the brunt of the blame.

Force Of Habit

Reddit | Rexon225

I mean, both prior World Wars are more complicated than "Germany did it," but it's definitely the first country that most of us think of.

Just Give Up Now

Were your resolutions along the line of smiling more, believing in the goodness of other humans, or simply having a more positive outlook on life?

Too bad.

Maybe There's A Silver Lining

Reddit | chloemug

Maybe in a few years, when the wars are over, the climate is fixed, and humanity is rational again, we'll all be able to say that hindsight is literally 2020.

A *World* War? Really?

Of course, this isn't the first time a military strike has happened in recent memory, nor is it the first time such an act has made the idea of another world war trend on Twitter.

But each time it happens, it inches a little bit closer to plausibility.

Dawning Realization

Could this really be the breaking point?

With Iran allying with China and Russia, concern is understandable.

Watch Out, Gen-Z.

Reddit | leopaes123

Most of you were born in this century and were too young to get involved in the wars following 9/11, but you're old enough now.

So Many Draft Memes

Personally, I think that if the idea of this being the start of WWIII is a stretch, then it being so bad to require a draft is an even bigger stretch.

Like, *A Lot* Of Draft Memes

Out of all the themes, this is probably the one that I grew tired of the quickest.

The style I hated immediately were the ones about becoming trans to avoid being drafted. Which is just bad taste.

Everything Is Fine

Reddit | no1ofimport

Admittedly, my job doesn't allow me to check out of the news cycle, so I appreciate a bit of laughing in the face of utter disaster. Instead of checking the latest updates on my CNN feed, I'll just keep looking at memes.

Reddit Was Really Into It

Reddit | ElectricStag

When it comes to memes, Reddit and Twitter are kings. They allow for quick sharing and commenting.

Reddit Is Fickle

reddit | iRepliToU

Only 24 hours earlier, Reddit was awash with memes about Australia, but WWIII quickly took over.

Seriously, though: Australia needs attention and help.

Don't Go Bringing Canada Into This

Reddit | Fury-Prince

What did they ever do to you besides apologize and invent the delicious butter tart? Do not send Iran for the butter tarts!

Correlation V. Causation

Reddit | duck-man-cool-man

Or, you know, it could just be January.

For the record, the "winter" part isn't related to snow, but that the atmospheric effects would block sunlight and cause the Earth to rapidly cool.

Time Traveler Proof!

Reddit | milk-man-

To be fair, even if WWIII does start this year like he said, humanity clearly survives if he's coming back from 2075.

Reality Sets In

Of course, we laugh now, but if it really does turn into another war, the results won't be anything worth laughing about.

And that's the scariest part of all.

Happy New Year

Reddit | Kehlum

I know this feeling. I felt refreshed on January 1st. I had plans.

Now I'm sad again.

Like Seriously, Though

THREE DAYS?! Give us a week, at least.

What's next? Thanos?

Laughing to Cope

With the memes, came the inevitable backlash, particularly from those in countries more affected by these ongoing hostilities.

Who Gets To Joke

It's true that while attacks are possible in the US, ongoing trial and suffering is pretty much guaranteed in the Middle East if this continues to escalate.

It's important to remember that and to understand that some people in dangerous places may feel like you're making light of their fear.