15+ Memes That Are Only Funny To People Over 30

Growing up is great, mainly because you can do all of the stuff that you loved doing as a child whenever you want and eat all the stuff you weren't allowed! There are many more lies like this that I could tell you, but I think I'll leave it there for the moment and let the memes do the bemoaning for me.

If you are 30 or over, you will doubtlessly be looking at this through tired eyes, and with a bad back, and wondering how it all came to this. Well, sit back, relax, and enjoy these 15+ memes that are only funny to people over 30.

35 Is No Age!

It's even worse when you hear them talking about that 21-year-old superstar who's already earned more than you will in your entire life.

The Evolution Of The Hangover

Instagram | socialtwerkers

And just you wait until you tip over that 30 mark when your body finally just gives up if you so much as look at that second glass of white wine. It'll be heartburn and death for you.

Heed Thy Warning

I think the one that rings the most true here is the fact that rugs are ridiculously expensive. Like, seriously, who decided that rugs could be that expensive?

*Vacuuming Intensifies*

Look, no one is saying that getting older is sad and depressing, we're just saying that vacuuming in straight lines is cool okay?

My Head Hurts

"Welcome back to, 'Why is my head hurting?' the country's favourite high-stakes daily game show where you are the unrelenting contestant!"

Is It Supposed To Hurt Like This?

Instagram | melliemel531

The answer is no, it is not supposed to hurt like that all of the time. However, it sure as hell will do.

You Do Your Laundry How?

I don't understand at what point this happens in a person's life, but it does. I only have to see my cousin putting the cutlery in the dishwasher in a random way instead of arranged by type for me to be sent into a mental breakdown.

"As an adult, I will go to great lengths to recreate a feeling as good as this."

Reddit | darkmeatchicken

Do you remember feeling joy such as this? No? Yeah, me neither, must have been nice thought mustn't it.

Have You Seen The Price Of Potato Chips?

Instagram | favoritcomfort

When you start spending your own money, you quickly discover that your real best friend is the reduced section.

Don't Be A Chicken

Instagram | ju5tmik3

That "defrost" setting on the microwave never really works. If you want to properly defrost a chicken you need to let it do its thing on the sideboard.

"Mom, I Need Some Help!"

Instagram | partnersincrime100

I feel like adults should do more to prepare kids for this. Although, looking back, I guess the beleaguered expressions on our parent's faces were clues enough really weren't they?

You Weren't There Man

Instagram | reneecharytan

I hate those people who go, "I love the sound of my alarm, it means I'm getting up and ready for the new day!" You know what, if that is you, then you really need to sort out your priorities.

(Blurred, Illegible Text)

Instagram | your_moooomm

When was the last time you got your eyes checked? 'Cause when you're in your 30s, it better be bloody frequently!

Transferring You To One Of Our Operators

Instagram | noel.austin1

"We're sorry, there is currently no one available to take your call, please try again never."

I Just Want To Lie Down

Hobbies, good Lord, imagine having time for hobbies. I can barely play video games for ten minutes without realizing I have something crushingly important to be doing or I'm tired.

Living The Dream

You're not in your 30s until you look upon inanimate objects in envy of their relaxed state of being. I have long stared at draft excluders with a furious sense of jealousy.

*Cheerful Music*

Yeah, UPS really is like the adult ice-cream truck. That is, if the ice-cream man came to the door with your ice-cream, didn't knock, and then left you a note saying you can't have your ice-cream due to the fact that you "weren't in".

The Transformation Is Complete

Instagram | thoughtsofaprogressivemind

Yep, look in the mirror and see that you have become the person at the family party that you were always baffled by as a child. Congratulations, you've achieved... something.

It's Forking Hard

And it's not one of those chunky soups where you can at least stab a few of the vegetables, it's a cream of mushroom soup.

Flip That House

Look adulting can be hard. However, if you manage small victories, like getting the vacuuming done, then you deserve a reward for that! Treat yourself to something nice!