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Fans Are Convinced Amanda Bynes Got A Face Tattoo In Latest Instagram Post

Amanda Bynes is on the road to recovery, and fans couldn't be happier for her!

Her latest Instagram post, however, had some people talking.

It's no secret that Amanda Bynes has had a turbulent decade.

Instagram | @amandabynesreal

Her struggles with mental health and addiction were made very public.

She took a step back from the spotlight, went to school, and now she's doing better than ever.

Her latest Instagram post had some fans a little concerned.

Instagram | @amandabynesreal

She posted a selfie that featured a heart on her cheek.

Many fans took to Twitter to discuss the ink.

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Some wondered if it was simply drawn on with a sharpie, others are convinced that it's real.

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!

Instagram | @amandabynesreal

Is the tattoo real? Are we loving it, or should we leave face tattoos in the last decade?

Let us know!

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