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Pizza-Loving Couple Gets Married And Serves Pizza Instead Of Wedding Cake

Who doesn't love pizza?

Well, one couple showed how sincere their love for the cheesy treat was by serving it in place of a traditional wedding cake at their wedding!

The pizza-oriented wedding took place in Miami.

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High-school sweethearts Jess Melara and Tony Sanchez wanted their December wedding to forgo some of the more traditional aspects of a wedding and for it to be more personally tailored to their interests.

The more personal wedding included a variety of thoughtfully intimate details.

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Jess explained to Wedding Chicks, "we tried to incorporate personal touches into every aspect of the wedding and truly make it OUR wedding (without becoming too cheesy)."

She also said that they wanted to tell a story throughout the day: "From our choice of officiant (who was my best friend's dad) to our table numbers (a picture for each of the thirteen years we’ve been together), we started to share our personal story with our guests."

The most eye-catching detail being the pizza-cake!

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Due to the fact that the married couple isn't a fan of cake, the decision to have a pizza-cake was a no-brainer, and quite frankly, I think one of the finest ideas I've seen this year!

Jess claimed the pizza-cake was a perfect addition to the day.

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"My favorite part was our cake." she explained. "Tony and I love pizza and aren’t huge fans of cake, so we surprised our guests with Pizza Cake (yes, I said pizza cake!). It was saucy and delicious and what pizza dreams are made of."

The pizza-cake boasted four cheesy tiers and an adorable wedding topper.

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Even though it may look like the pizza-cake took Tony by surprise in this wonderful moment captured by Todd Good Photography, the day was a resounding success.

The caterer also added some edible leaves and basil to the pizza-cake to make it appear more wedding-themed, and the slices were served to each guest in a small takeaway box.

There was also some hope for those with a sweet-tooth.

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As well as a gelato truck at the reception that was serving nine different flavors of gelato, there were other snacks for those guests who may have been craving something sweet, Jess explained.

"We didn't forget the dessert lovers though. We also had homemade Funfetti cake bars and a gelato truck."

As Tony plays baseball for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, there was also a baseball theme to the wedding.

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Throughout the day, there were quite a few references to the sport that Tony plays. Most notably, this included keychains that had people's names written on a bat and their seat number on the ball attached.

There were even more sweet baseball-themed touches sprinkled throughout the couple's special day.

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"Since Tony plays professional baseball, we had to have a few 'nods' to our life in the world of baseball. Instead of escort cards, we used mini baseball bat key chains, the beverage napkins had baseball references with quotes like 'Game Over' and 'Fits Like a Glove', and of course we had Cracker Jack Boxes available with the desserts after dinner."

They also asked their guests to sign baseball bats.

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The bats that the guests signed were official Major League Baseball bats, and the couple are planning on cherishing these forever. It is definitely something more original than a guest book!

"We even had guests leave their 'autograph' on authentic Major League bats that we will keep forever," Jess gushed.

The baseball theme may have also influenced Jess's ceremonial sneakers.

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It is wonderful that this couple managed to make their special day so personally suited to them and their personalities. It really makes the whole occasion that extra bit more special.

And, since the couple has been together since high-school, it makes that long wait to this day all the more worth it.

Hopefully, the couple will cherish this perfectly four-tier cheesy day forever.

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I think that pizza in place of wedding cake is a wonderful idea, personally. I mean, wedding cake can go either way, but pizza, well, pizza is always amazing!

Has this story had you rethinking that mammoth white cake? Or would you still stick with the more traditional route?

h/t: Marie Claire & Todd Good Photography