'Peaky Blinders' Named Best TV Show Of The Decade

Peaky Blinders has been a hit since the moment it arrived on our small screens.

The acting, combined with the brilliant script gives us a tv show that is full of brilliance in every way. It has action, drama, love, and of course: backstabbing gang members.

'Peaky Blinders' was always known to be one of the most popular shows, but to be named the best TV show of the decade is really special.

The show follows the Shelby gang during their violence, love, and drama as they make their way through the streets of Birmingham.

In a poll taken by LADbible's Twitter, the show was picked as their favorite by more than 29,000 people.


Breaking Bad almost beat it, but the BBC show stands above the rest.

Not so surprisingly, Game of Thrones took third place. People are obviously still mad about it.

The sixth season has started to be worked on, but no set photos have leaked just yet.


Anthony Byrne, who directed the 5th season, said:

"I'm reading the scripts at the moment, which Steven [Knight] is writing. I start properly on series six in early November. Then we start shooting early next year, is the plan.

The 6th season will likely come out in 2021.


Knight continued by saying: "The destination for the whole show has always been the start of the Second World War, so the show is the story of the family between the wars. I really want to end it with Tommy being alright. I want Tommy to be good and on the side of the angels."

I can't wait!