15 Budget-Friendly Hacks To Help Us Out In Every Room In The House

Diply 15 May 2018

Is there a room in your house that gets a little bit less love than the other ones? Whether it's saving on home decor or finding a way to help out in the shower, there's literally a hack for every room you love.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get to it!

1. Binder Clip Shelving

Pinterest | Pinterest

Who knew something so small could be so sturdy?! I love how they painted some of the boxes and left the others natural. I'm definitely impressed by what a little binder clip can do!

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2. Handmade Yarn Balls

Merry Brides | Merry Brides

All you need for this DIY is some yarn, glue, and balloons/balls of varying sizes. It's a super easy way to add some fun to any room in your house.

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3. Faux Shaker Door

Jennifer Squires | Jennifer Squires

If you want to take your boring, plain doors to the next level, there's no reason to buy an expensive new one! Just use some plywood and paint to make it come to life!

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4. Faux Brick Wall

Sawdust2Stitches | Sawdust2Stitches

Who doesn't wish they had a brick wall in their home? My friends recently moved and have a gorgeous one, and I'm so jealous! But, as I recently learned on Trading Spaces, it's actually pretty easy to add a faux wall to your home!

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5. Water Bottle Concrete Vases

Handmade Charlotte | Handmade Charlotte

Whenever I'm making something at home, I'm always looking for things in the recycling to help me out. You can make these concrete vases using just a water bottle as a mold. They look amazing when they are finished!

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6. Washi Tape Accessories

Viral Nova | Viral Nova

Just because your home has tons of cords for everything doesn't mean they need to look ugly! Washi tape is great for taking your home accessories up a notch.

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7. Painted Confetti Glasses

k4craft | k4craft

With just a little bit of paint, you can take your boring glasses to the next level. I've actually tried this and it works really, really well! And they're super pretty, too!

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8. Plastic Spoon Sunburst Mirror

DIY Joy | DIY Joy

Who knew a bunch of plastic spoons could be so freaking cute?! I love that they chose to paint them blue. This would also look great with my favorite home decor color: gold!!!

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9. Clothes Peg Planter

DIY and Mag | DIY and Mag

How simple is this project? You can take a tuna can and some clothes-pegs and turn it into something beautiful. Don't you love projects that use things that are already around the house?

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10. Homemade Body Wash

Frugally Foodulent | Frugally Foodulent

All you need to save a little bit on body wash is a bar of soap and some water! I actually have a ton of soap bars I never use. This is perfect!

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11. DIY Play Dough

hip2save | hip2save

This DIY is perfect for the kids' rooms! Next time they are bored on a rainy day, you can just make up some play dough for them! It's really easy, and uses just conditioner and cornstarch!

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12. Homemade Ice Cream In A Bag

Traditional Cooking School | Traditional Cooking School

This ice cream hack is so easy, and it's actually a lot of fun! You put your ice cream mix in the middle bag, and ice and salt in the outer one. Then just toss it around until it turns to ice cream. How cool is that?!

I've actually done this. I saved a ton of money and it was so easy!

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13. Homegrown Tomato Plants

Pinterest | Pinterest

Have you ever grown veggies from ones you already had at home? It's really easy to regrow vegetables from the scraps found in your kitchen!

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14. Decoupage An Old Suitcase

Reward Time | Reward Time

Have an old suitcase that has seen better days? You can give it life once again with some fabric and decoupage glue. It really takes it to the next level!

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15. DIY Flour Paint

Cheer Crank | Cheer Crank

Next time you want to paint a project but don't have any on hand, why not try flour paint? This hack is a super easy way to get natural and non-toxic paint for your DIY projects! I honestly would never have thought to do this!

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Are you as in love with these home hacks as we are?!

Giphy | Giphy

I can't wait to try some at home!

COMMENT to let us know which ones are your faves, and don't forget to SHARE!

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