'The Walking Dead' Movies Might Finally Make Rick Lose A Hand

Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, is the reason The Walking Dead was able to last so long.

Now, the character, beloved by all, is getting his own films, but we basically have no idea what will happen.

But there are some rumors about his limbs that have been circulating the internet...

In the comic books, Rick Grimes lost his hand to the Governor.

So if the show was following the comics, he would have lost it seasons and seasons ago.

But he still has both (at least for now) to help him in the fight against the apocalypse.

So why haven't they already done it on the show? Well, to put it simply it's difficult.


"I think cutting Rick's hand off when we did was great for the comic. It's just that in another medium it would be harder to pull off," Creator Robert Kirkman said.

"We cheat in the comic because things aren't moving. You can't do that on the show. You'd see Rick not being able to reload his gun and things like that."


"The CGI of cutting off Rick's hand would be expensive, but we did it with Hershel's (Scott Wilson) leg so if we felt strongly about Rick losing a hand, we'd do it."

But Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, is actually begging to see the hand go.


And he may get what he wants through the movies since there is a possibility to have him lose it via new enemy through a time jump or real-time viewing.

Do you think it's time for Rick to lose his hand? Or do you think it's unnecessary? Let us know below in the comments!