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24+ Sneaky Pics Made Of Sweet Little Lies

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a dirty trickster. No matter how hard you try, they'll always be watching and waiting for you to inevitably slip up. And that's when this sly little devil comes out to play, and trust me, it ain't pretty.

It's not really easy to spot a snake in the grass, but after you get bitten a few times, you learn to catch 'em before they even know you're there.

If you put anything on the internet, just try to be honest, because Google makes deception almost impossible. 

Imgur | JaromirAzarov

There's really nothing you can hide anymore. Once you toss it into the interwebs, it's stuck there for good.

Sneaky packaging.

Reddit | ImmediateLeftovers

If you just realized that the orange mesh on a bundle of oranges was intended to make the oranges look more orange, then you've been living in a state of delusion all this time. 

If I don't get a certificate of authenticity to prove this is Frosty, then you can count me out. 

Favogram | Favogram

I've been burned by online shopping so many times that I actually can resist a good deal when I see one.

I'm getting mixed messages on this one. 

Reddit | shrugalicious

This could be pretty dangerous for the people with nut allergies, so I would recommend skipping this one altogether. It's probably better that way.

If you haven't tried this at least once, then have you even lived at all?

Reddit | Jumpingonacloud

If you haven't attempted this little stunt, don't worry. You still have lots of time.

Um, no it's not. 

Imgur | JaromirAzarov

I have eyes and I'm not colorblind, so don't even try to lie to me. I cannot be fooled by your stupid attempts at deception.

I guess some people don't want to splurge while makin' the burgs.

Imgur | MellowHippy

And honestly, it's absolutely disgusting. It's basically highway robbery in a cheap bun, and I won't have it.

I feel like the intentions behind this gathering are a little deceiving, but if it's for the greater good, I can let it go. 

Reddit | GermanPanda

But only if I can get a big slice of cake.

Well, this is corporate greed at its finest.

Reddit | AvshalomCosme

Or should I say, at it's worst? How in the world is anyone with regular human eyes supposed to see that? I'm really serious about my pocket change.

I feel like the name of this product is really deceptive. 

Reddit | holographicbeef

Why can't you just call it 'Two-A-Day' and sleep peacefully, knowing that you are an honest company with a conscience?

I feel like this is cruel and unusual punishment for the already downtrodden. 

eBaum's World

Can someone please tell me why it's so funny to pick on your coworkers? It's like everyone forgets you have to see them for eight hours a day, five days a week.

This kind of tomfoolery is particularly evil.

Imgur | MellowHippy

Why not make the box smaller or the pizza bigger? I haven't been this disappointed opening a package since the last time I got socks for Christmas.

This stunt is so extra that I'm almost impressed.

Instagram | @nickavallone

Hey, man. I get it. Sometimes you can't make it to the beach, so you've got to bring the beach to you.

I honestly don't know why someone would do this, but I'm glad they did because it's hilarious.


Protip: If you're going to publicly lie, you should try to be better at it than this person.

We all need to stop lying on the internet because there are way too many sleuths on social media.

Reddit | Axwe8

I'm also concerned that he described the sunglasses "in box" when they are clearly out of the box.

What's the truth, Biebersgurl4ever1?

Tumblr | heart

Yeah, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this user has probably listened to the Biebs a little bit more often than they are letting on.

Honestly, I'm feeling personally attacked by this image.

Reddit | Westman25

Okay, cool. My whole life is a life. Good to know.

At least some poor soul didn't actually have to fold all those towels!

I don't know what I thought the inside of these lighters looked like, but it certainly wasn't this. 

Reddit | Socsa

I guess it makes sense that BBQ lighters are powered by regular lighters, but why do I still feel so cheated?

Deceptive packaging is the worst.

Imgur | cheesesupreme

Besides trying to make you think you're buying more than you actually are, it's also a waste of plastic.

If you're willing to make a weird koala mask like this, just own it.

Reddit | WhiteRabbitWeirdo

Especially when you posted the same photo two years ago in a cosplay group.

This is the kind of salad I can get behind!

Imgur | Musal

However, if this tasty Oreo confection is usually cheaper than the salad, then I might quibble with this option.

I don't know how I went my entire childhood without know that snap bracelets were made of measuring tapes.

Reddit | ryanispiper

It's a conspiracy, I tell ya! Every elementary school banned these bracelets to keep the truth from getting out!

I'm not going to lie to you — I love it when people get called out on the internet.

Twitter | @TigerairAU

Sorry, Adam! Tigerair does not have time for your lies, and they aren't afraid to drop their receipts.

For the record, just because you don't @ them directly, doesn't mean brands aren't going to find this stuff.

Reddit | elijahwatkins4

In fact, it's probably part of their social media team's job to search for non-@ references to the brand's name.

Isn't it incredible how even six weeks later, the clouds are in the exact same spot?

Reddit | Jarrod_69

Not to mention that all the cars in the parking lot below haven't moved either.

Seriously people, stop trying to pretend reverse image search doesn't exist.

Reddit | xFloriJin

Just because you were up at 4:30 in the morning and scrolling Pinterest doesn't mean you get away with pretending you were hiking in France.

This isn't really an intentional lie, but it's pretty funny.

Reddit | fiveandcounting

Probably something you should consider when you're naming your company.

This is why we should all be allowed to open and inspect every single package before buying. 

Imgur | MellowHippy

Sure, it's a huge hassle for the store, but I will not be lied to about what's in my chocolate.

Is there honestly anything sadder than a picture like this, followed by a serious caption about the candidness of said picture?

The Things

It's actually heartbreaking, so I don't wanna harp too hard on her.

They may have exaggerated a smudge.

Reddit | themlgduck

Though it's possible that the actual liar is the person leaving the note, since they may have used something besides a clean finger.

I love it when holier-than-though people get caught in their bs.

Reddit | indy_robb

There is also something really refreshing about it being the husband that was left in coach with the kids.

This costume pic was making the rounds this year.

Reddit | BeachedWails

To be fair, I've seen some really good black-and-white make-up done for costumes like these, but this particular photo is fake.

If this potato doesn't want to make you write a strongly worded status about the GMOs in our food, then you may actually have a life. 

eBaum's World

Sure, it's not natural, but who the heck cares? Neither is your nose, Hillary.

This is why you shouldn't go chasing waterfalls.

The Chive

Just because some guy posted a nice Instagram pic, that doesn't mean he actually went anywhere exotic. That's a cheap backdrop, a water bottle, and Photoshop.

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