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Bride Wears Unique 'Toy Story'-Themed Heels On Her Wedding Day

Every bride knows that planning a wedding can be stressful and sometimes comes with compromise. Most women want their wedding day to be special and memorable, so they have a unique staple piece.

Brides often take extra time to plan how they will dress on their special day.

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Picking out the perfect dress, makeup, hairstyle, and shoes are things that women think about for a while.

Lindsay Ashton married her husband in July 2019.

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She and her husband John got married in England, and their wedding was featured in a local newspaper because she decided to incorporate something unique that she loves into their special day.

Lindsay told Insider that 'Toy Story' has always been special to her.

She said the movie always had a special place in her heart.

The messages and lessons in the movie were important to the bride.

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"It's a brilliant film with feel-good emotions every time you watch it with the characters' friendships," she told Insider.

Lindsay decided to wear special shoes to show off her love for the movie.

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Instead of wearing traditional wedding shoes, she wore heels that were entirely dedicated to Toy Story.

Her husband loved the idea of the shoes.

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John was 100 percent supportive of her idea to buy them.

Lindsay said that she got the shoes on eBay for $155.

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While the shoes were super cute, said they were "too uncomfortable to wear all night."

Lindsay said that despite how uncomfortable they are, she loved them.

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She shared her love for Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear, saying she also has a Buzz tattoo on her leg.

Now, after the wedding, they are a special piece in her 'Toy Story' memorabilia.

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Along with the shoes, Lindsay also has other things from the movie she's collected over time.

It's definitely a unique look — but a memorable one at that.

Looking back, she'll always love the photos from her wedding.

What a way to stand out on her special day!

Keeping her look completely her own and unique — we love it!

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