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Lizzo Claps Back Against Critic Who Claims She's 'Popular Because There's An Obesity Epidemic'

Turns out, Lizzo 100% does not have time for haters, cruelty, or insults about her appearance, but we shouldn't be too surprised about that. Ever since Lizzo exploded on the scene with her hits "Truth Hurts," "Juice," and "Good as Hell," she hasn't been afraid to tell it exactly like it is and tell off the haters.

A tweet recently went viral with some cruel (and inaccurate) claims about Lizzo's popularity.

A twitter user named Dr. Boyce Watkins tweeted that Lizzo is "popular because there is an obesity epidemic in America. Rather than encouraging people to do better, we are simply lying to them and telling them they are just fine the way they are."

Watkins faced a lot of intense backlash right away.

"Lizzo is popular because of her talent. She's not your patient, and it's highly inappropriate for you to be opining on her medical condition on a public forum. Physician, heal thyself," replied another user, although they were informed that Watkins' PHD is in finance, not medicine.

Lizzo took the time herself to clap back against Watkins.

Lizzo replied that her popularity is because of her talent, dedication, and hard work, and reminded Watkins he should be focusing on himself.

Lizzo's fans immediately backed her up.

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"Honestly tired of hearing men’s opinions on women and girls. Never ending onslaught of opinions on our bodies, our appearances, our actions, and on the violence against us. I don’t care what letters are in front of your name, learn when to mind your business or how to listen," one fan replied to Lizzo.