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When The Puppies At This Daycare Get Tuckered Out They Take Naps In Sleeping Bags

If you own an animal, well, you can probably acknowledge that your animal owns you to some degree. And you probably also have roughly one gajillion photos of your precious little furry one — either catching them with an adorably, quizzical/guilty look on their face, or while sneaking in a hearty snooze.

Let's face it, pets sleeping is prime photo time, because they're at the peak of calm, which makes taking the pic ever so much easier, and because they're just so freaking cute.

The puppies at one Korean doggy daycare are quickly becoming Instagram sensations just for their napping.

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They don't even have to do anything. They just lay there and look as adorable as possible, which is their natural state anyway. And boy howdy, does it ever work.

That's not to say that the daycare just lets their charges snore the day away.

No! The pups at the Puppy Spring facility definitely get plenty of play time in. Puppy Springs' account has tons of pics and vids of the floofs in their care romping and roaming, chasing and zooming — you know, being puppies.

But, inevitably, even the most energetic puppy will get tuckered out.

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That's when the staffers unfurl the sleeping bags for a pretty epic nap time.

Honestly, who among us wouldn't want to get in on this room full of peaceful slumber?

In theory, nap time gives the staffers a chance for a bit of a break as well.

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In theory.

In practice, it looks like they're just as susceptible to the adorableness of a sleeping puppy as the rest of us, and spend those breaks snapping pics. Can you blame them?

I guess it helps the owners who use their puppy daycare get a sense of how their little loved ones spend their days.

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And the owners can rest assured that the pups at Puppy Spring aren't just getting some training and exercise, but also the pampering that they so deserve.

And the rest of us get to appreciate how amazing this setup is.

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I mean, puppies in sleeping bags? Come on! Who could possibly resist that face??

Okay, maybe they've given us a dose of nap envy.

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But if we have to live vicariously through these pooches, we could do worse.

If, like us, you just need to see more of these little cuties, check out Puppy Spring's Instagram right here.

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