Women Dispel The Biggest Myths About Being A Woman

In recent years, many strides have been made towards achieving equality for women in society. However, there are still places where women are subjugated against simply because of their gender. In this day and age, there are still gender stereotypes that pervade certain sections of society.

One person took to Reddit to ask women what myths about women still exist and are infuriating, by asking, "Women of Reddit, what myth about women is 100% untrue and infuriates you when you hear it?"

So, here is a collection of myths about women that certain people in society should really stop perpetuating.

Women Only Hate One Another Because Of Jealousy

Unsplash | Jon Tyson

"That because you don't like another woman it's only because you're jealous. Listen, I can hate a woman because of something she did or said and in no f*cking way be jealous of her. She may be just dumb and why would I be jealous of that?" — Mishy-P

Some people can just be annoying or unpleasant, and it's possible not to like other people for that reason without secretly wanting to emulate them!

The Truth About Shopping

Unsplash | mostafa meraji

"That we all love shopping. I f*cking HATE shopping." — SaltyDoggoMeo

I know a lot of women who can't stand shopping, and in fairness, why would anyone really love shopping? Shops are always too busy and never have what you really want in my opinion... although, that could just be because I'm incredibly picky.

The Pocket Situation

Unsplash | Julian Santa Ana

"That we don't need pockets in our f*cking clothes." — Minemose

This really does need to be rectified. The amount of times that my girlfriend has to take about a bad simply because her clothes either don't have pockets or the ones they do have are ludicrously small. Whoever decided that women don't need pockets, you should be ashamed of yourself!

The Automatic Support Network

Unsplash | Jeremy Bishop

"On Reddit, I frequently come across the notion that women (unlike men) automatically have this social network they can rely on for support. Boy, I wish that were the case." — hetdrakenkasteel

Loneliness can affect anyone of any gender, and it can have truly negative impacts on your health.

Maternity Leave Is Vacation Time

Unsplash | Ryan Franco

"Maternity leave is basically vacation. If you've ever experienced the exhaustion of carrying a child and the intense body changes that occur during and after delivery, you'll find out that maternity leave is necessary for recovery and is not a vacation. Try working with a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th-degree tear while now trying to deal with a baby that needs to feed every 2-3 hours." — pinkblossom331

One woman wrote that she had bought the Witcher 3 video-game to play when she had had her child. That child is now 3 and she explained that she still has not been able to play it.

Women Don't Snore.

Unsplash | S L

"That women don't snore (seriously, I've heard this loads and it always baffles me). People breathe when they sleep, sometimes it makes some noise, male or female. Let em breathe." — JARlaah

It is definitely not the case that women do not snore. One man in the thread wrote, "My wife snores like a water buffalo drowning in porridge."

Using The Toilet

Unsplash | Curology

"We pee with our vagina." — Exiode

Another woman responded to this by writing that she knew a woman, who had a baby of her own, that thought "that a woman couldn't pee until her hymen had been broken".

God Made Women Afraid Of Snakes

Unsplash | Alfonso Castro

"Somewhat related, I went to preschool in a church. My teacher told us the story of Adam and Eve. At the end, she said to us, 'This is the reason God made women afraid of snakes.' Several girls spoke up and said they weren't afraid of snakes. I don't remember what my teachers' exact response was but I remember she was really annoyed." — EmmaRose49270

This is perhaps the most ludicrous one on the list. I haven't heard anyone claim this, but the fact that someone is out there potentially still teaching kids this is infuriating!

Every Girl Dreams Of Getting Married

Unsplash | Antonio Scantlebury

"That as little girls we all dreamt about our future wedding. Not all women want to get married or actually enjoying attending weddings." — Smurff833

Marriage is not for everyone, and that is completely fine. It is better to realize and own the fact that marriage may not be for you than to get married out of some sense of obligation.

Misinformation About Endometriosis

Unsplash | Camila Quintero Franco

"Nearly everything about endometriosis. It is sorely misunderstood, research is underfunded, and terrible treatments get used all the f*cking time when they don't help and make things worse. It's a hidden debilitating disease and I hate the misinformation spread about it. There IS help out there and legit treatments." — treeshugmeback

Endometriosis can cause a plethora of symptoms and complications, if you feel that you are suffering from this then you really should see your doctor as soon as you can. This person also explained that the Facebook group Nancy's Nook Endometriosis Education is a good resource for anyone looking for more information.

Myths About Periods

Unsplash | Josefin

"Stuff about our periods in general. Like if we're mad, it's definitely because we're on our period. We never have a legitimate reason to be upset. Also myths like we're able to hold in our period or we only have it for a day or that we're impure. The impure one definitely infuriates me. I just think about the billions of women throughout history, and sometimes even today, being treated as if they're impure or an evil omen because of a bodily function they cannot control.

"Banishing them to menstrual huts when they have their periods or not allowing them to touch anything. And yes, this happens. My mother as a teenager was not allowed to touch anything when she had her period. It got to the point where she would just not tell anyone she was menstruating and do what she wanted." — lady_laughs_too_much

All Women Hate Each Other

Unsplash | Ben White

"That all of us secretly hate each other and are innately gossipy and bitchy. Some dipsh*t on here tried telling me once that he knew all women resented each other because he knew the 'nature of women'.

"That old saying 'men insult their friends but don't mean it and women compliment their friends but don't mean it' paints women as catty/unable to have genuine friendships, which is BS." — AristaUndertaken

People who are gossipy/bitchy are simply not very nice people who can be any gender, they are not emblematic of an entire portion of humanity.

Women Don't Like Video-Games

Unsplash | John Sting

"That females are not good at video games. Or that they have a male friend who is boosting them to their current rank (if it's higher than theirs). And then when they find out you're actually better than them they try to deny it.

"It's so annoying to go in a lobby with random people and it's filled with guys who belittle you or talk down to you because you're a female." — Meowmehpls

As someone who used to play a lot of video-games, it is horrific to see the persecution that women can get in online gaming lobbies. There is absolutely no reason for it, and it should result in people being banned.

Women Are Bad Drivers

Unsplash | Matthew Henry

"That we are bad drivers. I have had my first car for 3 years. I'm in my early 20's. I have never crashed, but have had two men crash into me from behind.

"Both times I had to fight tooth and nail to the officers to believe me. Both times the blame was given to me, even when the crashes were from behind and backside (merge lane and red light) The cops' reason? 'well, unfortunately, ma'am, I have to put the blame on you since you are a fairly new driver. Drive safer next time/ You should always keep distance while in the merge lane even if he was behind you'." — teachmehowtodookie

This person went on to say that they have considered getting a dashcam to prove that they are in the right in the future.

Being Jealous Of Significant Other's Friends

Unsplash | Matheus Ferrero

"That we all hate when our significant other is going to hangout with friends & we expect them to be with us 24/7?" — totesmagotes69

Someone else replied to this adding: "This one goes hand-in-hand with the stereotype that no man actually likes his significant other and wants to hang out with her, but is just putting in his time until he finally gets away from her to hang out with the boys."

Sexual Organ Myths

Unsplash | Dmitry Ratushny

"That the clitoris is hard to find. Or that labia grow exponentially with lots if sex. Or that vaginas are anything but elastic. Basically every ridiculous myth about female sexuality and their genitals." — fck-rffld

Everything Women Do Is To Attract Men

Unsplash | Chris Barbalis

"That everything we do is to attract men. From wearing revealing clothing, to wearing makeup at work, to gaming...hell, apparently even the 'not like other girls' types who abstain from and denounce things associated with attracting men are accused of...doing it to attract men. After awhile it just feels like a bunch of projection, whether from women who are insecure about their ability to date, or men who interpret anything they’re attracted to as being tailor-made for them.

"Also, while I do think that we have a sort of privilege over men in terms of being able to cry and show our emotions, I also feel our emotions aren't taken as seriously. As another commenter noted, were basically never allowed to be upset about anything, and are always labeled crazy/hysterical/irrational/dramatic." — CatzRuleMe

Sickness = Pregnant

Kelly Sikkema | Unsplash

"Every time I throw up or say I feel nauseated, literally since I was like 16, the FIRST thing someone jumps to is 'are you pregnant?' Like we can get sick without it being because we're knocked up" — Ashleighbell032

She went on to write that, while it is understandable that health care professionals have to ask as part of their job, everyone else should refrain from jumping to that conclusion.

Women Have An Inherent Mother's Instinct

Unsplash | Eric Froehling

"That every woman has 'mother's instinct'. Like the second I hear a baby scream-crying I want to throw it out from the window - or just jump out if it myself." — WitchyMarsupial

Some people are not cut out to have kids, and that is perfectly fine. To assume that a woman will be gushing over a baby because of her gender is an archaic and redundant assumption.

Misconceptions About Menstruation Duration

Laura Muñoz Cano | Unsplash

"That periods only last one day. I'm infuriated that this isn't true." — GardenLeaves

They went on to explain that they had a man explain to them that the reason they believed that periods only lasted for one day was due to the fact that they happened once a month. How he drew the correlation between occurring once per month and lasting one day is beyond me.