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Rescue Finds Litter Of Pups With Wonky Faces But Loving Personalities

There are so many animals in need of homes , more than could ever realistically be found for them, and sadly, that means those with oddities or special needs often get euthanized without even getting a chance.

That's why there are many rescues that focus on saving and re-homing oddball dogs that are otherwise in good health and deserve a chance at a good life.

One of the latest of these dogs to go viral is Bethany, alongside her sister Carolina.

Facebook | Safe rescue dogs needing homes

Both dogs are Labrador mixes. You can tell them apart because Bethany has a darker face and longer snout, while Carolina has a much whiter muzzle.

But both of them have the same wonky face due to a disfigurement that causes their snouts to drop and twist.

Both dogs were saved by the Safe Rescue For Dogs in the UK.

Facebook | Safe rescue dogs needing homes

The rescue focuses on finding homes for all dogs, regardless of their circumstances, with a particular focus on dogs from the streets of Romania.

Romania has a terrible stray dog problem that stems from families being forced to leave their pets behind during the Ceausescu era (1974-1989) when they moved into government-provided apartments.

Those former pets multiplied and the country's main method of dealing with the problem has been large-scale killing.

Facebook | Safe rescue dogs needing homes

So the Safe Rescue For Dogs does what they can to get dogs out of the country and into loving homes.

Bethany and Carolina are part of a litter of five puppies born to a Romanian stray who lucked into finding a nice family to care for her. When the pups were born, four of them had the same disfigurement, prompting veterinarians to recommend euthanasia.

Instead, the family turned to the rescue for help.

Facebook | Safe rescue dogs needing homes

One of the puppies, a cutie named Lulu with a similar wonky face, has already been adopted, but Bethany and Carolina are still waiting for the perfect home.

The last two pups will be arriving in the UK soon.

All of the dogs are completely healthy. They just look a little different.

Facebook | Safe rescue dogs needing homes

Since their wonky faces went viral, there have been plenty of inquiries by hopeful families. So much so that the small staff at the rescue has become overwhelmed and have said they won't be considering applicants who are unwilling to take one of the other dogs in need of homes too.

It's a good reminder that while these viral rescue stories are amazing for raising awareness and aid for a specific small rescue, the need isn't limited to the specific dog that's become popular. They are all good, loving dogs.

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