Whoopi Goldberg Has Her Own Line Of Cute And Inclusive 'Ugly' Holiday Sweaters

If you know Whoopi Goldberg, then you know she loves a good quirky style moment. From wild shirts to wacky shoes, she's a style icon in her own right.

If you didn't know, she also has her very own line of "ugly" holiday sweaters available at Zappos, and you'll want them all.

Who knew Whoopi Goldberg would get into the ugly Christmas sweater game?


She has a whole line being sold on Zappos, and they're actually super cute.

In an interview with TV cook personality Rachel Ray, Whoopi explained why she created her own line.


She said she started the line because she often wears tacky holiday sweaters on TV, and they simply just make her happy.

However, Whoopi's line is vastly different from many retailers out there.


Not only are her sweaters super original, but they're also quite inclusive, recognizing that there are many people out there that celebrate multiple major religious dates.

"The holidays should include everybody," she told Rachel.


All of the sweaters are unisex and are fairly reasonable, running anywhere from $60 to $120, depending on the design and materials.

She also has the cutest holiday sweaters for kids, so you and your little one can match for a fun family photo op!


Find everything on Zappos.

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