10+ Movies That Bombed In 2019

Hear that? Uh oh, it seems like the sirens are going off! Quick, everyone to the shelter, everyone else get under something!

Hold your hands behind your head and for the love of God, pray as hard as you can!

Today we're going to be exploring some really big bombs!

1. 'Replicas'


Total Loss: About 26 million

Do you remember January? It was just people eating tide pods and this movie coming out.

The movie was definitely the forgettable part of the month. It was bland and uninteresting as a whole for audiences.

2. 'The Kid Who Would Be King'


Total Loss: About 28 million.

While the critics may have given this movie a whopping 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, it wasn't enough to have people actually go and see this stinker of a film.

3. 'Serenity'


Total Loss: About 17 million.

This movie really pissed people off. People didn't like how the script was written, the acting, or basically anything about this movie.

Matthew and Anne will just have to impress us another time.

4. 'Captive State'


Total Loss: About 17 Million.

People were mostly just confused about this movie.

And heck, it's hard for any movie that isn't about superheroes to really make money these days.

5. 'Hellboy'


Total Loss: About 9 Million.

While it may not be the biggest loss on this list, it definitely killed any chance there would be a sequel.

It was yet another reboot we didn't need.

6. 'UglyDolls'


Total Loss: About 17 Million

Are you just as surprised as I am that this was even a movie?

Well, maybe that was the case for lots of people, as the movie barely made money.

7. 'Tolkien'


Total Loss: ???

There was no budget provided for this movie, so the loss must have been so bad they were too afraid it show it off.

It's okay, better luck next time.

8. 'Dark Phoenix'


Total Loss: 100-120 Million.

D'oh! This was the biggest loss in the history of X-Men movies, and it's probably the reason we'll never see Sansa Stark as Jean Grey ever again.

9. 'The Kitchen'


Total Loss: About 18 Million (so far)

Once again, it's really hard to make movies these days if you're not a superhero movie (unless your name is Dark Pheonix).

Maybe Melissa McCarthy should stick to comedy.

10. 'The Goldfinch'


Total Loss: 42 Million.

This movie, based on an amazing novel, just didn't translate well to screen.

Sometimes books are simply better off being books. The thoughts translate well petter from page to page rather than screen to screen.

12. 'Doctor Sleep'


Total Loss: $20 Million

They desperately tried to capitalize on the goodwill of The Shining but failed to realize that it was Stanley Kubrick's genius that made the movie great, not just the story.

13. 'Playmobil: The Movie'


Total Loss: About 39 Million.

They tried their darndest to make that Lego Movie lightning strike twice, but I guess people were sick of watching movies about toys in 2019.

14. 'Charlie’s Angels'


Total Loss: ??? (Still In Theatres).

Elizabeth Banks has blamed this movie's flopping on men not wanting to see it (she even blamed Marvel). It was a long, long blame story.

Here's a controversial idea Ms. Banks: maybe try making a good movie next time.

15. 'Cats'


Total Loss: ??? (Still In Theaters)

Sure, it's still in theaters. Sure, it might make a huge comeback... but we doubt it.

This movie was doomed ever since its trailer came out and the internet collectively recoiled.

16. 'Richard Jewell'


Total Loss: ??? (Still In Theatres)

Another movie that's projected to be a loss! Will Clint Eastwood please stop trying to make Oscar-bait movies and just make something good?

We will have to wait to find out.

17. 'Terminator: Dark Fate'


Total Loss: About $70 Million.

They couldn't take the hint after Genisys, could they? In the words of a SpongeBob fish: "how many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?"

18. 'Gemini Man'


Total Loss: About 40 Million.

What makes a Will Smith movie even better? Two Will Smiths!

That's what the big brains behind this movie probably thought and they couldn't have been more wrong.

19. 'Missing Link'


Total Loss: About 50 Million

It was a fun idea, and they had some decent animation and voice acting behind it. But this movie just failed to resonate with audiences.

Maybe it'll have better luck on Netflix.

20. 'Shaft'


Total Loss: About 25 Million

In a word full of remakes and reboots, you'd think this one would have done well.

But then again, regular people don't really remember this movie.

21. 'The Kid'


Total Loss: About 29 Million.

29 Million doesn't seem so bad until you realize that this movie only made 1 million dollars at the box office. That's just straight-up abysmal.

22. 'Zeroville'


Total Loss: About 5 Million.

Doing even worse than The Kid, this movie only made $38,806 in the box office.

Let's say the average cost of a movie ticket is 15 dollars. That means only about 2600 people in the world saw this in theatres.

23. 'Poms'


Total Loss: About 5 Million.

Little did the creators of this movie know that the dance film craze died years ago, as did the need for any kind of cheerleader movie.

24. 'Arctic Dogs'


Total Loss: About 50 Million.

It was supposed to be a cute movie about artic dogs you could take your family to see. However, it turned into a big, stinky flop.

25. 'Bombshell'


Total Loss: About 26 Million.

Ironic that a movie with "bomb" in the name would end up being a box office bomb.

Maybe it was just bad juju to put it in the name.

26. 'The Sun Is Also A Star'


Total Loss: About 3 Million.

Not the worst flop on this list, but it did have a very small budget, so it took a lot of work for this movie not to break even.

27. 'Where'd You Go, Bernadette?'


Total Loss: About 1 Million

Not even the great Cate Blanchett could save this strange comedy about a person going missing after her trip to Antarctica. But she tried her best, at least.

28. 'The Beach Bum'


Total Loss: About 1 Million

Your pot-smoking buddy may have said this movie was a jam, but audiences didn't really like this strange movie about a pot-smoking beach bum.

29. 'Miss Bala'


Total Loss: About 1 Million

This was an attempt at giving Gina Rodriguez a film career, and because of this movie, she was probably set back a couple of years. Sorry, Gina.

30. 'Long Shot'


Total Loss: About 10 Million.

Listen, Seth Rogen, you've got to know your audience!

I'm sure the stoners of the world were both shocked and confused when they went to see this rom-com.

31. 'Midway'


Total Loss: ??? (Still In Theatres)

There was a time when making a World War 2 movie would have been big bucks for you and your company... That time is not now.

32. 'Lucy In The Sky'

Total Loss: About 20 Million.

What? This movie wasn't about LSD? Well, then what's the point? Maybe people are just tired of slow astronaut movies.