13+ People Who Owned Their Regrets

Diply 5 Oct 2018

Generally, I think it's good to try to live life without regrets. That's not to say we shouldn't take chances or that we shouldn't try new things, but that there's a difference between learning a lesson and regretting an action in the first place.

The following people all seem to be in the latter category, working through some kind of regret or another.

1. That feeling when you buy a brand new pair of shoes, and they look like this after your very first run.

Reddit | yesporr

Maybe running on gravel wasn't the best idea. Or maybe the big mistake was buying a brand new pair of Nike PebbleCollector 5000s. Who's to say where this one really went wrong?

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2. Even if the regret hasn't set in quite yet, this kid is going to have some the next time they ask for money.

Twitter | @AdamCarriker94

I'm a grown adult with a job and everything, and there's no way that I would rip up any amount of money handed to me. I've got bills to pay!

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3. Oh man, I hate when that happens.

Imgur | Gilel

All the rest of those seem like legitimate concerns. Well, most of them. I've got to imagine that most of the people searching "I accidentally ate gluten" don't actually have gluten problems, though.

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4. Sometimes, even the best ideas don't actually end up working out in the real world.

Imgur | Gilel

My college had a huge hill on campus, and all I can think about is how many limbs would have been broken if these chair had existed at my school.

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5. When you go out to a restaurant and find out that they're serving something that you could have made yourself at home in the microwave.

Reddit | Da_Whistle_Go_WOO

I mean, it's almost worth it to not have to clean up afterwards, but still.

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6. This is just about the most hipster thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

Reddit | I_Crush_Your_Head

In case you can't tell (I sure couldn't), this is a Bloody Mary, served in a bag, closed off with a clothespin, delivered in a fry basket.

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7. Oh come on!

Reddit | organicbabykale1

This is not what I want to see when I open sesame...cookies. But seriously, no one's going to be mad if the package looks smaller. This is the kind of shenanigan that make people never want to buy your product again.

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8. Sometimes, regret takes a little while to set in. And sometimes you need a reminder that your regret is a bit misplaced.

Reddit | EmpJustinian

I guess the lesson we've learned here is don't steal boat fuel?

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9. I'm not going to lie, I have no idea if this is sincere or sarcastic.

Twitter | @karencheeee

This is why I always read books twice. Once with an Australian accent and a second time reading it like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

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10. This is why you don't let people who hate kids design playground equipment.

Reddit | Apprehensive_Adam

I'm going to guess that this slide gets used a total of once before the whole playground gets shut down and somebody ends up going to jail.

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11. Sometimes the best way to live with regret is to just fake it.

Reddit | Teerendog

Can't afford the rims you want? A little bit of white paint should take care of that problem for you. Or, if you're really scrimping, just steal some liquid paper from work.

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12. You can do it, put your face into it.

Reddit | lotuspad

Uh-oh. I just realized that I said that this article was "people who owned their regrets," but this one is a cat. I guess this'll have to be my regret.

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13. It's hard to know if this kid knew what he was getting into, but I've got no doubt that I'd jump into this pile in a heartbeat.


I'm not gonna lie, though, I was holding my breath for awhile to see if that dog got out okay.

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14. I'm guessing that somebody just had a bit of an awkward conversation with HR.

Reddit | BourbonDingo

Wouldn't it be great if you could do this in real life? Just redact dumb stuff you say and censor it after the fact?

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15. Some moments are just too precious to ever forget.

Me.me | Me.me

I've personally never thought that a cake shaped like a toilet would be something to celebrate before, but here we are.

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16. Honestly, I can't even tell if this guy has any regrets. He seems like he got exactly what he was looking for.

Reddit | Cerling_Stooper

And hey, aren't we all just trying to stand out from the crowd?

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