15+ Random Hacks That Only Require Some Trash

Diply 5 Oct 2018

We live in an increasingly disposable world.

We buy products that come sealed in packages. If they're shipped to us, those packages come in even bigger packages. It's no surprise that there always seems to be a huge pile of stuff to throw out and recycle.

But before you pitch it, take a second look at it. It just might come in handy.

1. Light up your life.

Dude Craft | Dude Craft

This eye-catching DIY comes courtesy of an archived post from Dude Craft. A pair of cereal boxes with strategically cut holes turns into a pair of magical night lights! I'm getting a real LiteBrite vibe from this one.

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2. Make an impromptu scented wax diffuser.

YouTube | Household Hacker

Soda cans are easy to (carefully) bend and cut, and they stand up to high temperatures. With this in mind, why not try making this clever creation from Household Hacker? Add a tea light and scented oil, and you're ready to go!

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3. Make the perfect sponge holder.

Pinterest | Lana Pashkova-Manasbayeva

Lana Pashkova-Manasbayeva shared this creative soap bottle-turned-sponge holder on Pinterest. It's unobtrusive, the sponge fits perfectly, and the design cleverly allows excess water to drain off into the sink. Nicely done!

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4. Bread tags: the perfect cord label.

Reddit | BCJunglist

There are all sorts of cable management solutions out there, but few are as simple as this one. Redditor BCJunglist says the easiest way to label cables is to simply clip an old bread tag on.

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5. Anything to keep garbage juice at bay.

Reddit | JianWinther

If you get a daily newspaper, or (more likely) you accumulate a lot of junk mail, this hack's a perfect way to use it. Reddit user JianWinther shows us how a layer of paper in the bottom of the bin can keep garbage juice from leaking out.

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6. Upcycle an old PB jar for the birds.

Suburble | Suburble

Tara from Suburble shared full directions for making this easy bird feeder out of an old peanut butter jar. This looks like a fun project for the parents and teachers out there.

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7. Build a full-on popcorn machine.

YouTube | Open Green Energy

Shared on Open Green Energy's YouTube channel, this creation might make you think twice before recycling that can of Coke or La Croix. You'll want to watch the vid for full instructions. This one's seriously cool.

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8. Keep those books cracked open.

Reddit | sqyoung625

Those flimsy plastic hangers from the clothing store are pretty much useless as hangers, but they come in handy with this clever hack from Redditor sqyoung625. This one's perfect for those times you need to continually consult an open book.

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9. Dress up a shoebox.

YouTube | Artkala

Shoeboxes are pretty durable — that's why they're a staple of basement shelves everywhere — but they don't fit in well with most decor. If you're into arts and crafts, or want a fun project for your kids, try making a shoebox look decent with fabric and decorations, as shared by YouTuber Artkala.

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10. Start with containers, finish with bowling.

The Mom In Me | The Mom In Me

This one, shared by The Mom In Me, uses baby food containers, but you could easily substitute similar containers (Pringles cans!). Once emptied and dressed up, they serve as pins for a game of family room bowling.

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11. Make a foolproof fire starter out of egg cartons.

Instructables | At29305ft

Instructables user At29305ft submitted detailed instructions for making pocket-sized fire starters using the cups from egg cartons as a base. This one's a little bit in-depth, but the end result is more than worth it.

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12. Creamer containers are made for storage.

FrugElegance | FrugElegance

The containers that coffee creamer comes in are useful for their purpose, since they have a wide spout for pouring. Carol and Randi from FrugElegance suggest reusing these vessels for small dry goods in the pantry.

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13. From cans to cubbies.

Leethal Blog | Leethal Blog

An archived post from Leethal Blog shows just how well coffee cans can be turned into cubby containers. These look awesome, but you don't need to dress them up if you don't want to. Point is, coffee cans = awesome.

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14. Toilet paper rolls are endlessly handy.

Reddit | Rekordea

You'll always have spare TP rolls kicking around, and you can use them from everything to hamster toys to cable management. Redditor Rekordea shows us one more way to creatively utilize toilet paper rolls.

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15. Use pill bottles for everything.

Condo Blues | Condo Blues

After you've used up a prescription, don't toss the bottle. They're small, they're durable, and they're even childproof. Lisa from Condo Blues shows off how she uses them to organize beads, but feel free to get creative.

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16. Divide (and conquer) your drawers with cereal boxes.

IHeartOrganizing | IHeartOrganizing

The flexible cardboard from cereal boxes is ideal for all sorts of craft projects. Miss Jen from IHeartOrganizing shared instructions for making these beautiful drawer dividers using the bottoms of cereal boxes as a base.

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