'Legends Of The Hidden Temple' Is Getting An Adult Reboot

We live in a world that, lately, seems to only be interested in revivals and reboots around shows and films that hit us hard in the nostalgia feels.

While once upon a time, it was a childrens show in which they competed, now it's time for adults to get their hands dirty.

So who remembers 'Legends Of The Hidden Temple'?


It was this game show on Nickelodeon back in the day that featured kids going on and trying to complete a series of Indiana Jones-esque tasks that pitted them not only against each other...

But through highly treacherous jungle themed obstacles.


(Treacherous in this case meaning "child and TV-friendly").

Since the '90s, the show has remained out of the public eye but kept safe in the hearts of those who watched Nickelodeon back then.

Until now.


It seems that like an alien, the show is going to burst from your chest and on to the screen because Quibi is rebooting the show with a twist:

Instead of kids competing, it'll be adults!

A couple of things will return, a couple of things will stay the same.


Olmec is coming back (same) but instead of being in a studio, they're bringing the show out into the real jungle (different).

No idea when the show is coming out, but it will be on Quibi, which starts streaming April 6th, 2020.