Ryan Reynolds Reacts To Interviewer's 'Deadpool' Butt Tattoo

Once again we see that Ryan Reynolds is in the news, and it's not surprising that he is. He's just such a charming fellow, that we can't help but literally glue our eyes to the screen whenever he's around.

By the way, does anyone know a good eye doctor? Perhaps a glue specialist?

So Ryan Reynolds is out and about promoting his new movie '6 Underground'


The Micheal Bay picture that I am 100% certain has both explosions and beautiful women. We already know it has beautiful men.

Anyways, so while he was on his grand promotion tour...

He ended up at CinePop, where the Spanish interviewer revealed something about himself that was very interesting.


Well... Very revealing.

He told Ryan Reynolds that he had a tattoo of Deadpool... on his butt.

It must have been flattering for Mr. Reynolds, especially when the interviewer showed it off.

His reaction is priceless, by the way.


But yeah, the interviewer (offscreen) pulls down his pants and shows his rear end to A-List superstar Ryan Reynolds.

It was of Deadpool and the words "Your Mom" around it (in Spanish).

Here's the full interview:

And between the strange kind of Spanish version of "Careless Whisper", Ryan Reynolds' mixed reactions, the fact they say they can't show you the butt cheek and then they do, this video will have you saying: