16 People Who Could Probably Use Some Lucky Charms

Diply 11 Jun 2018

When I was younger, I thought that eating Lucky Charms would help increase my luck. Now, that might not be the case, but anything to help, right?

These people look like they could use a lifetime supply. If their luck doesn't improve, at least they get a trip down memory lane and a questionably balanced breakfast.

1. How does something like this even happen?

Reddit | anc0022

That's not the car wash that anyone was expecting to get. I imagine it's going to be expensive to fish it out of the pool. Does insurance cover that? My gut tells me no.

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2. There is no pain greater than this devastating loss

Reddit | Aoae

It doesn't look like there's a way to salvage it, either. I could just see it slipping and sliding everywhere in a brown glob of disappointment. Rest in peace, ice cream.

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3. Not everyone gets "happily ever after" in the end

Reddit | bluered

Hopefully, the bus stops close to an ice cream parlor. She looks like she could really use some right about now. It probably doesn't seem like it now, but things get better.

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4. Definitely not the kind of spikes you want in your hair

Reddit | Yachtnaught

I think a lot of people prefer the spikes made with the help of gel. At least you could say she has a one-of-a-kind style. Beauty is pain.

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5. You can always blame the kids, if you have any 

Twitter | @autumnbblack

You could also say that it's the latest style, and I'm sure it would catch on eventually. Just be patient.

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6. Were you really going to eat those, anyway?

AcidCow | AcidCow

There's always banana bread. Banana bread tastes better, in my honest opinion. There are no loose pieces of skin to worry about.

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7. Who could say no to a free bath?

Reddit | billy_bob_hambone

Never mind, I could. I bet it's cold as ice. If she wasn't awake already, she's definitely awake now. That's not for everyone.

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8. Who really likes wearing pants these days? Not me

Reddit | flamesdivide

This moment looks like it could be straight out of a sunscreen commercial. I don't think this guy is getting his swim shorts back.

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9. This is much worse than the ice cream 

Twitter | @lizzieblizzard

Those poor, uneaten meatballs! My heart is grieving just looking at them. It's not going to be a picnic cleaning the car.

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10. I hope they had nowhere special to go

Reddit | jons_myth

This would be a dream come true if you wanted to cancel plans. This is the excuse I'd give to stay in my pajamas.

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11. If that were me, I'd just stay home

Twitter | @taylandfrench

Don't get me wrong, I love online shopping as much as the next girl, but some things you just have to avoid.

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12. What kind of evil sorcery is this?

Imgur | JefferyTheSpaceWalrus

I'm very scared right now. Who knows how many bad years of luck this could be? My inner child is dying of shock.

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13. This is the greatest disaster for snack lovers everywhere

Imgur | Caracasaurian

I can't look! The worst part is that somebody else is going to hit the snack jackpot later. Totally not fair!

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14. I would not enjoy having to explain how I got in to this situation

Reddit | Ransal

Having evidence in the form of pictures can't feel too good either. Keep your head up high.

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15. That must've been a shock

Reddit | Reddit

Their mouth is clean now. In their defense, the soap company really shouldn't make things look so edible. When in doubt, don't put it in your mouth.

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16. I don't think this is what father/son bonding should look like

Imgur | tuttibossi

Oops! At least they'll have a funny story to tell in the future. That's all that matters, right?

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