Ryan Reynolds Responds To Spice Girls Scene In '6 Underground'

There are a whole bunch of layers to this story, but trust me there is no way you don't come out of this article with a little more respect for Ryan Reynolds and a little more contempt for Micheal Bay.

If either of those were even possible.

So Ryan Reynolds is in this new movie called '6 Underground'.


All you need to know is this:

  1. it's a Micheal Bay movie and 2) there's a scene where Mr. Reynolds' character is in a car chase and the spice girls come on the radio.

His character's response is to angrily rip out the radio.


Because of the Spice Girls! One of the biggest jam producers of the '90s!

He just rips out the radio like it was December and "Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time" was playing!

Obviously, fans were outraged.

Because besides being fans of something, being outraged is what fans do best.

They implored Mr. Reynolds for an answer, desperately trying to find out what the heck his deal was.

And he responded:

Apparently the song was added in post.

Not only that, but he told Yaaas TV:

"I specifically asked for something else. Something other like an old 98 Degrees song or something like that, that I would rip out… the fact that Michael effing Bay put in Spice Girls – which by the way, where I’m from, in my house, that’s a religion, man."