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Palm Tattoos Are The New Trend For Those Brave Enough To Try It

When it comes to tattoos, the more unique the piece, the more desirable it is. The same can be said about the location of the tat. Some places are a lot more tricky when it comes to getting that perfect ink.

And that's definitely the case with palm tattoos. Only a skillful tattoo artist should be given this difficult task to get the job done right.

The challenge of a palm tattoo stems from the fact that the skin in this area is very callused and therefore presents a higher degree of difficulty for the tattooist.

So be sure to do your research when it comes to picking an artist for this design.

This area is also a lot more prone to fading over time.

So there isn't really a point in getting a very detailed design as it may not last.

Most tattoo artists suggest sticking to black tattoos only as it will ensure the ink stays on your skin the longest.

So forget those colorful tattoo ideas in this case.

Consider a tattoo that mostly consists of lines and dots as that is your best bet to keep the tattoo lasting for a long time without touch ups.

Good to know!

If that's not what you're looking for, then you can also consider a dot style tattoo which is a really cool tattoo technique.

I'm considering one of those.

Apparently, a well-done saturated dot tattoo can stand the test of time if the dots are applied in multiple passes.

Once again, a skilled artist is the way to go.

Another issue to consider is the fact that getting a palm tattoo isn't for the faint of heart.

The palm area is very delicate, and therefore it can be quite painful to get a tattoo here.

So go ahead and get it if you're brave enough.

Hee, hee. I think it's definitely a cool idea. I'm not sure I would be into it but it's really unique.

This area of the body where the skin is constantly in motion also has a faster regrowth than other locations on the body.

So ink fades or falls out faster, meaning more frequent touch-ups are needed.

Therefore, whatever design you choose it's best to have it inked as dark and bold as possible to ensure it resists fading.

So go bold or go home.

But that doesn't mean you can't pick a design that speaks to you.

Find something you love and get it inked in a dark color. Then, you're good to go.

You can definitely find something that's really unique just like this cool tattoo idea.

I've never would have thought of combining two tattoos like this before but I'm liking it.

Or, stick to something as simple as this awesome line tattoo.

I love the simplicity of this design and the way it was executed. This is something I would get.

Getting a palm tattoo would have never crossed my mind before I started looking into this.

But now I can definitely see the appeal of this type of tattoo.

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