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DIY Mason Jar Cocktail Kits Are An Easy Ready-To-Drink Christmas Gift

We're in Christmas crunch time mode, people! It's December 16th and we officially have less than 10 days before the chaos really begins.

If you're anything like me, then you've also managed to procrastinate getting gifts for friends and family, but there's an easy DIY that everyone (of legal drinking age) will both love and find very useful!

These mason jar cocktail kits are so simple, but pack a big thoughtful punch.

Something Turquoise

Not only are they packaged super cute, but your friends and family who drink will find them incredibly useful.

Depending how the holiday is going, they may craft the cocktail right out of the bag!

Jen Causey from Something Turquoise shows us how to easily whip them up.

Something Turquoise

To make, you'll need:

-16oz Mason Jar Mugs (mouth must be at least 2.5″ wide)

-7.5oz Mini-skinny bottles of soda

-mini bottles of alcohol

-cute paper straws

-string and gift tags (which you can also totally make yourself out of old cards)


You simply tie the string around the lip of the mason jar, leaving a loop to fasten the straw. Then, you repeat it again, but this time to fasten the alcohol bottle.

Something Turquoise

Attach the gift tag with a greeting of your choosing and voila!

It's so simple, yet so mighty. The details of the wrapping definitely amplifies the kit, making it super presentable and even more thoughtful than just packing all the pieces separately.

They're also pretty eco-friendly, creating little waste, and every item is able to be reused another time or recycled.

Pair whatever sodas or drinks you think will go with each alcohol best, like vodka and Red Bull, Jack Daniels and cola, or gin and tonic.

Something Turquoise

Your friends and family will appreciate it even more if you get their favorite drink right!

Check out the tutorial here and happy gifting!

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