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Rapper Tech N9ne Donates Bras Thrown On Stage To Domestic Violence Shelter

Although some of us may be responsible for work that we hope will have a public impact, the truth is that the biggest differences we make in life are often the ones we never expected to.

It's crazy to think about, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that you've completely changed someone's life without even realizing it. Whether it's because you dropped something that somebody seriously needed or you smiled at someone who was having the worst day of their life, it's mind-boggling to think about what the small things we do can mean to others.

And if you asked one rapper which of his songs he expected to make a difference in people's lives, the satirical song about breasts would've likely ranked very low on his list. And yet...

Although he's not necessarily a household name, Kansas City, Missouri rapper Tech N9ne has cultivated a dedicated following and built a successful career.

Instagram | @therealtechn9ne

As you might expect from the name of his label, Strange Music, Tech N9ne lyrics often cover dark and bizarre themes.

However, his music is also often a platform to explore both the personal issues in his life and crises that grip the world at large.

Among his catalog, however, is a song about women showing their breasts called "Areola," which is meant to be a satirical take on the kind of music that tends to get mainstream attention.

However, in a 2016 Instagram post, Tech N9ne explained what he was able to accomplish as a result of playing that song at shows.

Instagram | @therealtechn9ne

Ironic as the song may have been, it's apparently been responsible for many women genuinely throwing their bras onstage.

But while other entertainers may scratch their heads and wonder what they're going to do with their sudden surplus of bras, Tech N9Ne's own life experiences led him to consider donating them to a shelter for women escaping domestic violence.

As he told volunteers from Hope House in Lee's Summit, Missouri, he had to spend some of his youth witnessing an ex-boyfriend of his mother's abuse her.

Instagram | @therealtechn9ne

As he wrote on Instagram, this occurred while he was in third and fourth grades and it wasn't unusual for his family to flee to a relative's house to avoid the man.

One such incident was so violent that it led the family to cross state lines into Kansas City, Kansas.

Instagram | @therealtechn9ne

As Tech N9ne wrote, "He beat her really bad that time so I had to do a bit of fourth grade over there in KCK at an elementary school called Benjamin Banneker."

While it seemed hard for him to get over the fact that this all started with a "ridiculous parody song," he was delighted to see how this gesture was received.

Instagram | @therealtechn9ne

He referred to them as "so nice and thankful" and said that even the news crew that filmed their meeting wasn't aware of his own history with the issue.

h/t: Instagram | @therealtechn9ne