Put A Twist On Holiday Makeup With Candy Cane Eyeliner

Just when I thought I've seen enough of holiday-themed makeup look ideas there's another trend to rave about. This time it's candy cane makeup. Yes, the favorite holiday treat is getting its due.

If you're a fan of candy canes I bet you'll also appreciate this pretty and festive idea for that special holiday party. Check out how it's done.

Go bold with green eye shadow, glitter accents and of course, the famous red and white stripes synonymous with candy canes.

This is such a cute and festive look.

Or you can just forget the green and go red and white all the way just like this pretty lady did.

How fun is this look for the holidays?

If you're looking for something extra, why not add some snowflakes to go along the candy cane trim?

I love the little candy canes on the eyebrow too. So cute.

Speaking of little candy canes how adorable are these ones?

I think this look is absolute perfection. What a flawless job. I'm loving the whole idea of this.

You can treat the candy cane as your liner just like this lady did.

That's such a cool take on the regular and boring eyeliner idea. This is stunning.

If you want to get a look that's a little bit more fun and whimsical, why not go for something like this?

I bet all the kids will love it.

And speaking of something the kids would love how about this fun look? Whoa!

That candy cane is huge. LOL. This is definitely a bold and festive statement look.

Now, if you're not interested in a bold look you can still find a way to be festive.

This is much more subtle but still really nice and pretty.

Here's another pretty version of the candy cane eyeliner look.

I really like the blending job on this one and the color combination mixing the green and blue together.

Talk about an exaggerated wing eyeliner here.

This look is pretty simple but still creates such a bold statement. I think this is something I can get behind.

You can also do a couple of different accents around the eye just as it was done here to create this awesome look.

I'm really loving all the red here.

Speaking of red, who says you have to stay away from bold lips when you go for dramatic eyes?

Those rules are out when it comes to Christmas. Hee, hee.

What do you think of this look?

I think is so interesting to line the eye crease with a white eyeshadow. This creates a whole other dimension to this style.

I hope this gives you a few fun ideas to create a truly unique holiday-themed look using candy canes as an inspiration.

Now which one to go for? Hmm....