12+ Times Beauty Showed Us No Mercy

Diply 5 Oct 2018

The beauty world is not for the faint of heart.

There's chunks of glitter to fight off, waterproof mascara to rub off, and kiss-proof lipstick to ruin (not by kissing, of course, but by downing a 12-inch BLT in three minutes).

If these situations sound familiar to you, take comfort in these poor souls who were showed no mercy by beauty.

1. Why do the ones we love hurt us the most?

Twitter | @makeupbyvilleta

As much as drugstore makeup has stepped up its game, nothing compares to a gorgeous Urban Decay eyeshadow palette, which is gonna run you at least $50.


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2. This is...goals?

Twitter | @PURAVlDA

I'll start by saying it's a friggin' luxury to have someone else shave your legs. Of course, this luxury comes at the cost of your mans using a medieval torture device to shave ur gams. But, honestly? WORTH IT!

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3. Can you imagine actually being held accountable for your actions?! AH!

Twitter | @BeautyByBetty

I say this, like, every day. And then...there I am...on the Sephora app...at three in the morning...with 12 more items in my shopping cart.

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4. Okay, @beautyindustry, please explain to me why our makeup packaging isn't bulletproof yet!!

Twitter | @celinehatesyou

This is hard-earned money that has gone to waste here, and I just can't stand to look at this tragedy any longer.

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5. The sacrifices we make to save our face beat... Smh.

Twiter | @HacksForMakeup

Every messy makeup maven knows doing full glam in a baggy PJ shirt is the best way to keep things cute before we transition outfits, so this is a life saver.

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Twitter | @jeontron

If I had this mask I would def go out knocking on allllll my ex-boyfriends' doors, just to pop in and say HI!

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7. First of all, we stan the tin man.

Twitter | @idkusuk

Second of all, the Tin Man was a zaddy. The poor guy just wanted a heart — someone to live and to love down the yellow brick road with!

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I mean...the mask is still creepy AF tho.


I've seen gold masks and blood masks and clay masks, but I've never seen a tinfoil-looking mask.'Cause like...are you a baked potato, or nah?

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8. Ah, yes. This classic tale! Lemme tell ya, if you haven't been here yet, sweet child, you will be soon!

Twitter | @emmamcbinch

How many white sheets have been ruined by smears of foundation and mascara?! Where is our smudge-proof makeup when we need it?!

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9. Microblading is a hella trendy and hella worth it tattooing technique... This right here is NOT that. 

Twitter | @fiftyshadesofbrows

For a professional tattoo artist, microblading shouldn't be that big of a deal... You'd THINK!

But there's no mercy shown when it comes to eyebrows on fleek.

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10. This is always the hardest part of the day for me! 

Instagram | @makeup_memes

Yes, it always feels amazing to melt off all of that cake, but once a look is gone, it's gone forever!

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11. This dryer was shown absolutely no mercy. None at all. 

Twitter | @xoandreeaa

But if I'm being completely honest here, I've never seen a dryer look so snatched! This dryer went from zero to 100 in just one low-heat tumble dry cycle.

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12. Finding your perfect foundation shade is like finding the perfect man — impossible? Sad? Frustrating? All of the above. 

Twitter | @ChayzzDevyant

And even if you do find the perfect shade match, let's hope it doesn't make you break out or smell like a funeral home!

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13. This why I would NEVER trust myself with hot wax! I hardly trust myself with tweezers!

Twitter | @elizabethve2

How can you be so sure of something one minute, and then be so, so wrong the next?

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14. Okay, so, this was my LITERAL nightmare in high school!

Twitter | @griffinnathman

I was always so worried about people seeing the makeup on my collar, so if my foundation ended up on the white walls of the school? SEE YA AT MY FUNERAL!

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I don't know how you come back from that, ya know?


I would just smile and wave and pretend I had no idea why Mac Studio Fix Fluid was allllll over the hallway wall.

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