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Jason Momoa Stops By Small Town Diner After Sign Grabs His Attention

This is SO cute.

Jason Momoa was working near Fayette County, Pennsylvania when he noticed a sign with his name on it. And he's Jason Momoa, so of course, he stopped to see what it was all about!

It's no secret that Jason Momoa LOVES his fans.

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Anyone who has ever seen him at a Comic-Con event knows that the man can charm it UP.

I mean...come on.

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If I were that guy, I wouldn't even be mad that Jason Momoa was trying to push me out of the photo.

Anyway, you get the idea.

I don't know why we're still so surprised any time Momoa does a kind thing.

So, Jason is shooting a new Netflix movie.

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Called Sweet Girl, the film follows a husband bent on vengeance after the death of his wife.

Jason is also producing the film. They started shooting in Pittsburgh in November, which is how all of this started.

Production moved out to Fayette County.

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When the owner of Rinnie's Place ā€” a diner on Route 51 ā€” heard he'd be in the area, she decided to leave him a message on the diner's sign.

The first message wasn't specific enough.

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Initially, she wrote "Welcome Jason" on the sign.

However, that clearly wasn't specific enough, as Momoa didn't catch that it was for him. So she decided to make sure he knew she meant the greeting for him!

She added a single letter.

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Kim, the owner, changed the sign to read, "Welcome Jason M."

That did the trick. A few days later, two motorcycles pulled into the diner's parking lot. You can guess who was on one of them.

Kim recognized Jason immediately.

Apparently, she saw his hair and knew it was him.

On his Instagram story, he made a joke about how expensive breakfast was ā€” the sign read $399 instead of $3.99.

Jason Momoa is a dork.

He loved it so much he put it on his Instagram story.

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He posted a video of himself walking up to the sign and shivering his butt off in the cold. He really risked it all for that breakfast.

"Check this out. Ridin' with the boys. Hell yeah I'm gonna eat here!"

He took pictures with them too!

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The restaurant owner was thrilled that he stopped by. He took a picture with her on the back of his bike.

I am the epitome of the "god i wish that were me" meme right now.

They were so grateful.

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"My daughter and I are humbled and grateful for all the attention we have been getting because Jason Momoa saw our sign and stopped in for breakfast," Kim told her local news station.

They loved the crew, too.

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"He and his crew are wonderful people and we have enjoyed our time with them. They are more than welcome to stop back anytime they are in town."

I truly bet they will!

They even posted some photos from inside Rinnie's!

Brian posted this photo of Jason and the rest of the crew they rolled up to Rinnie's with on his Instagram.

I love that they actually went inside and ate! What a bunch of class acts.

He's been spotted all around Pittsburgh, too!

He hit up a Steelers game and took time to take a ton of pictures with fans.

He kept his pictures with them and posted them to his Instagram. King of treating his fans like gold.

The city has truly welcomed him with open arms.

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"STEELERS NATION @steelers is blowing my mind iā€™m in love with pittsburgh what a town mahalo to all the amazing people who make it feel like home. aloha j," he wrote on Instagram.

He's been so enthusiastic about shooting the movie there.

He and director Brian Andrew Mendoza are the best of friends, and they've taken to posting about how happy they are to be working on the film a lot. It's so frickin' cute.

They've been working in the cold without a single complaint.

Jason thanked the whole stunt team after a particularly cold day on set.

Even though the snow was falling in Pennsylvania, they were all clearly still loving their time together.

This movie is going to be amazing.

Here's hoping they'll have another chance to stop by Rinnie's Place before they finish shooting the movie!

I can't wait to see what it looks like when it finally drops on Netflix.