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40 Times I Had To See It To Believe It

Diply 3 Jul 2018

People always say "seeing is believing" and I have to say I stand by that principle.

It's easy to make up a crazy story out of thin air, but when that story is backed up by some tangible photo evidence, it's priceless.

Check out these viral pictures that prove seeing really is believing.

1. If someone told you they got a selfie over the weekend with former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, would you believe them?

Reddit | JRZ10

You better because that's exactly what happened to pro golfer Phil Mickelson.

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2. This is how you know it was meant to be, right?

Reddit | hungersong

"My boyfriend and I have the same birth mark on the same finger in the same location," wrote hungersong.

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3. User watfm wrote, "My 2-year-old brother wiped his face on the couch after crying."

Reddit | watfm

Wow, the wet spot even has a tear coming from its eye. That's the result of a serious cry session.

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4. Someone stopped on the side of the highway to take a snapshot of this tire mark that looks surprisingly like a hummingbird. 

Reddit | 96speed

Come on, that looks exactly like a hummingbird!

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5. "Found a moth on my jeep that has the face of a French bulldog," wrote rawmsft. Do you believe them?

Reddit | rawmsft

Looks more like a pug to me, but I'm really no dog expert.

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6. "I was hit so hard with a soccer ball that you can still see the imprint 5 days later," wrote lava_lump. 

Reddit | lava_lump

It makes sense that a soccer player would bring attention to such a minor injury, doesn't it?

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7. If someone told me that some danishes at McDonald's looked just like sloths, I'd be like, "no way." 

Reddit | WaldoBoyo

Welp, here are multiple sloth-looking danishes for me to eat my own words with.

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8. If you were around in the late '90s, you probably remember seeing that infamous "Blanco Bronco" car chase through Los Angeles. 

Reddit | val_the_impaler

This white Bronco was spotted with the plates "NOT OJ."

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9. "The airflow along the wing became visible on my recent flight," wrote FarkCookies. 

Reddit | FarkCookies

I would probably do a double take to make sure that wasn't smoke coming from the engine.

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10. If someone told me they saw an albino moose hanging out in the forest I'd be like, "sure, bro." Well, pictures don't really lie. 

Reddit | mybustersword

That moose is completely white! How cool is that?

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11. If someone turned to you and said, "My thumb is perfectly straight," would you believe them?

Reddit | anti_sewcial15

Well, that's what one Reddit user wrote, and they backed it up with this fascinating pic.

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12. Another animal I had no idea actually existed. "Here's a curly haired cat for those who haven't seen one," wrote randomfriendzone.

Reddit | randomfriendzone

I hope this little guy doesn't grow out of those curls.

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13. If someone told me they saw a snake with a woman's face on top of its head, I would doubt that it actually looked anything like a face.

Reddit | gotsickpassaway

...and I'd be wrong, again.

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14. Did you know that some horses can grow a mustache? Not just any mustache either — some of the best I've ever seen. 

Reddit | RedRedRoad

I'm loving that one on the right. Classy!

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15. LAPD officers in 1960 actually went undercover as women to catch a purse snatcher.

Reddit | red321red321

They look great!

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16. "Mt. Rainier casting a shadow during a sunset," wrote starstufft.

Reddit | starstufft

At first, you may think it's a volcano erupting, but the perfect combination of the suset and cloud cover made this incredible shadow happen.

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17. Sole food.

Imgur | haydenmohr

I know it's weird that this is my problem with this, but you'd think the shoe would make it a lot harder to watch the road.

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18. "This hermit crab that lives in a Sprite bottle cap," wrote pomoerotic.  

Reddit | pomoerotic

That is the most eco-friendly crab I have ever seen. Is it just me or does Sprite keep coming up more than it should?

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19. This starfish sitting down on a ledge like it has some life problems on its mind. 

Reddit | SalazarRED

If you blur your vision a bit, it even looks like he has a face.

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20. Vladimir Putin taking very detailed notes.

Reddit | lolwut_noway

Yeah, not exactly what you would expect him to be writing.

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21. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Reddit | Hijae

I'd like to think that someone found themselves in need out here and built this so that nobody would ever have to go through that again.

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22. "Two bullets that collided mid-air at Gallipoli (WW1)." 

Reddit | isaynonowords

I guess with thousands upon thousands of bullets flying, this is bound to happen at some point.

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23. For this pic, gDisasters wrote "Worlds oldest pairs of Levi's Jeans found in a goldmine 136 years later."

Reddit | gDisasters
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24. A possum broke in to an Australian bakery and couldn't escape...because he ate too much.

Reddit | SundayRed

It's always good to make a bad situation better.

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25. Michael Jackson in disguise so he could go on a date with Tatum O'Neal in the 1970s.

Reddit | headlikeapin

Honestly couldn't tell it was him.

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26. This is an adorable story I would want to believe, but probably wouldn't. 

Reddit | CodyOdi

Here's a baby fox fell asleep on someone's car.

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27. There's no doubt that I would start getting skeptical if someone told me Batman officiated a wedding. 

Reddit | DarK187

But here it is.

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28. At first, you may wonder why on Earth there is a tree full of goats.

Reddit | ImButterNugget

These goats are actually known as "the tree goats of Morocco" and are known to hop into the Argania tree because of their delicious fruit.

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29. My two favorite things combined. I just want to know why.

Reddit | kill_that_robot

The really weird part is that the dog doesn't even seem that happy about this. So some maniac just took a pizza and decided to throw it on a random dog?

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30. Inception pizza.

Reddit | Isai76

To be honest, I have never seen a pizza with pizza as toppings. I'm not against it, that's for sure.

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31. Amazing Etch A Sketch skills.

Reddit | mike_pants

If someone told me they almost perfectly replicated a painting on this kid's toy, I would need to see it.

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32. How? What? Why?

Reddit | ente3000

I love how there's an itty-bitty chain running across it, too, like, "Yup, that ought to hold 'em."

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33. This bird looks a lot like Donald Trump somehow. 

Reddit | ltnite

There's a tweet joke in here somewhere but I just can't put my finger on it...

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34. Definitely not something that happens to you everyday. 

Reddit | [deleted]

Getting laid on by a baby elephant.

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35. This man is really committed to his job.

Reddit | HannibalofBarca

Hey, rain or shine, that math's not gonna math itself. You'd think you could just move to a different room or something, though.

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36. One Reddit user wrote, "lightning bolt knocked the top of a street light off and put a neat dent in it."

Reddit | NickPookie93

It's interesting how pinpointed the mark left by the bolt was.

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37. This 30-year-old bottle of Sprite someone found in a cinder block wall. 

Reddit | snealinator

I have so many questions. Was it empty? What would Sprite taste like after 30 years? I may never know.

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38. This unbelievably large lemon someone grew in their backyard.

Reddit | CaboseTheMoose

It's seriously the size of someone's head.

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39. At first, you may wonder why you're looking at a picture of the inside of a tent, but then you'll notice the two tiny duck feet on the ceiling. 

Reddit | ducbo


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40. "My sister is a ginger and has heterochromia. A genetic masterpiece," wrote sturgio_garcia.

Reddit | sturgio_garcia

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