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13 People Who Made A Mess Of Things

Diply 20 Dec 2017

There are always those people in our lives who tend to make a mess of things. It starts out as a kid thing, but some just don't seem to grow out of it like the rest of us, making us wonder how something can go so terribly wrong. These people made quite the mess of things!

1. How can you mess this up so bad?

Imgur | Jafooley

What happened here? Surely they have the tools to make the road lines straight, because, well, the rest of them in the world are!

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2. Bubble bath gone wrong.

Tumblr | tastefullyoffensive

It's hard to tell how strong a bubble bath solution can be, and sometimes we're in such a rush to relax that we overdo it slightly.

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3. Happy what?

Instagram | @angelaslice

What a shame to have made a perfect cake, then completely ruin it by messing up the "Happy Birthday" message!

Someone should have practiced before going straight to the cake.

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And having to bring out a cake with a mess like that...

Giphy | Giphy

That's the real walk of shame right there!

You might as well throw it in the trash and start over.

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4. This kid who looks like he has an explanation.

Reddit | Mjones_bulldog

I don't know how someone could get flour literally everywhere, in several rooms, but he seems to have the situation under control now.

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5. Cheese, burger.

Reddit | V-mafia

This McDonald's employee had one job — make a cheeseburger. Sounds simple, right? A burger with cheese inside of it.

I guess they come separately now and we have to do all the work!

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6. The person who was responsible for writing the text for this program.

Tumblr | todeswalzer

Either they fell asleep right on the keyboard, or they're trying to tell us something. We're not sure, but we're slightly worried.

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All of these people all have some serious explaining to do.

Giphy | Giphy

I mean, how can all of them be so careless and unaware of the world around them?

Unfortunately, it gets worse.

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7. The graphic designer who made a complete mess out of drawing some hands.

Reddit | mrThe

HP may need to rethink hiring this person, because hands don't really work that way. Like seriously.

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8. This kid who just wanted some ice cream.

Reddit | sirquinsy

I'm guessing he's upset because he knows he has to clean this all up.

This is why we don't climb shelves, ladies and gentlemen.

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9. The TV program writer who made a bad typo.

Reddit | chillybird

That isn't quite the way I remember E.T. Who would disrespect this cult classic like that?! This is another case of someone who needs to be let go.

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10. Whoever organized these cards in the most insensitive way possible.


Way to make a mess of the store AND someone's emotional well being.

Someone's got some bad karma coming to them!

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11. Yet another child who doesn't understand how things work.

Giphy | Giphy

Kids really need to grow up or start asking for help if they can't handle life like the rest of us can.

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12. The cook who was so hungry they forgot how physics works.

Reddit | dusty1993

Hey Einstein, the pizza faces up in the oven! You literally have to peel cardboard off the bottom, so how did it end up like this?

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13. This poor girl who underestimated the power of her Crocs.

Twitter | @mollylee31

Who knew foam could put a hole in the wall?!

To be fair, I didn't think Crocs were capable of this either.

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So let's take a moment to be thankful that we didn't accidentally kick a hole into the wall today.

Instagram | @shaninlalaland

Or spill the milk, or gallons of ice cream everywhere, or make our pizza upside down, etc.

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