10+ Mistakes From 'Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince'

Alright Harry Potter fans, we’ve been pointing out the mistakes of every movie so far, what made you think we were going to skip out on the 6th?

These are all the mistakes in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. Get ready, because some of them are just so bad.

1. Ron's Holey Shirt


In the scene where Ron is all crazy over Romilda (thanks to a love potion) he's wearing this brown shirt with a bunch of holes in it (as Weasleys do).

However, later when Harry brings Ron to see Slughorn, some of the holes have magically disappeared.


Or they have moved to a different part of his brown shirt.

It must be an enchanted shirt!

2. The Space Between Harry And Neville


There's a moment in potion's class where Hermione is explaining what's in her potion. During on shot, if you look behind her you'll see Neville all alone.

However, in the next shot, Harry is standing shoulder to shoulder with him.

3. The Broom's Seat


The filmmakers of Harry Potter have a hard time keeping those seats concealed.

During the Quidditch game with Ron, at one point he raises his arms in the air and you can see the seat.

4. Where Are The Lenses?


There are a couple of instances in the movie where you can see that Harry has no lenses in his glasses.

One, in particular, is the moment where Harry drinks the Felix Felicis.

5. Arm Around Harry


After Dumbledore and Harry exit the Horcrux cave, he puts his arm around Harry's neck.

In the next shot, he tells Harry to go find Snape and his arm is not around Harry's neck.

6. Spilling Butterbeer


When the trio is at Three Broomsticks with Slughorn, at one point he spills his beer on Hermione. In the next shot, the table is somehow dry.

Later, there's some foam near Harry, but most of the table is dry.

7. The Frames


At the beginning of the movie, Slughorn is showing Harry a bunch of framed photos.

Well, between shots, the photo frames have a tendency to move around. Magic frames, perhaps?

8. The Napkins At The Dinner Party


During Slughorn's dinner party, the napkins that are on some people's necks (Neville, Belby, etc) change positions between shots.

Man, a lot of things around Slughorn magically move around! A lot!

9. Hermio-Knee


When they're at the Burrow, Hermione, Harry, and Ron are sitting there, talking like old friends should.

The notable mistake about this scene is that between shots, Hermione's knee is up, then down, then up again between shots.

10. The Items Behind Him


In the Room of Requirement, when Draco first finds the Vanishing Cabinet, there is a bunch of stuff behind him on the floor.

In the next shot, that stuff changes.

11. Moving Down The Rug


This is the scene where they're in Slughorn's office and Ron drinks that potion. When he first falls down, his head is at the top of the rug.

Later, he's moved like a foot down.

12. Walking Backwards


There's a scene where Harry and Luna are walking through Hogwarts' gates when an Auror begins to walk backward through the gate. He makes it halfway through.

In a later shot, that same Auror is at the beginning of the gate.

13. The Editing Line


Darn, that dastardly fullscreen! Always showing off the ol' editing lines...

Well, you can see what's happening here. Ron's blocking the Quaffle with his head and some of his body disappears under the editing line.