10+ Secret Rooms People Actually Built In Their Homes

If you live in a house, you're definitely lucky. But if you live in a house that has a hidden room, you've hit the jackpot.

Whether you have a secret room to store away your valuables or because you need some escape from your housemates, it doesn't matter. Either way, that sounds like a fantastic idea.

Check out these hidden rooms and what people did with them.

1. This Dungeon Cinema

Imgur | notadeckofcards

Some people use their secret room as a cellar or perhaps to hide some valuables. Other people create a dungeon cinema instead. LOL! Different strokes I guess.

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2. This Laundry Room

Reddit | otakumafia

I get it, laundry rooms aren't all that attractive to look at. So why not follow this person's lead and hide one away? Nice.

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3. This Room Under The Staircase

Reddit | Coprosmo

OMG, I want a room like this. This looks like a perfect little hideaway from everything. I would spend hours there.

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4. This Mirror

Well, who would have thought there was a room hiding behind this beautiful mirror? I bet nobody. What an awesome idea to hide a secret room.

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5. This Bookcase

And another cool idea to create a secret room is to, of course, use a grand bookcase such as this one. This is a really impressive design.

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6. This Secret Cellar

Reddit | brokewithabachelors

Turns out this was actually a secret Prohibition-era liquor cabinet hidden behind a bookcase located in this person's neighbor’s house. That's so interesting.

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7. This Smoke Lounge

Imgur | BaconJacobs

Wow, imagine having this super cool and vintage-inspired smoking lounge in your house? Talking about an ultimate man cave here. What a lucky guy.

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8. This Crypt

Reddit | Slovantes

Perhaps not as sophisticated as the previous pictures and a whole lot more creepy. I dunno how I would feel upon discovering this crypt in my house.

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9. This Kitchen Cellar

Facebook | Spiral Cellars (UK)

Okay, back to pretty pictures here. I don't think I would say no to having something like this in my kitchen. No sir. That's pretty awesome.

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10. This Pool Room

Reddit | comoshane

This room would be so perfect to invite all your buddies to come over for that round of pool. I bet the wife wouldn't mind either.

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11. This Staircase

Reddit | NazmulHossainRana

This is a hidden staircase leading to a secret room inside a 19th century Victorian home. Wow, wonder what treasures can be hidden inside there?

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12. This Entertainment Cabinet

Reddit | keeping-it-simple

What a cool idea to install a gorgeous entertainment cabinet that can slide open so you can enter your secret room that nobody knows about.

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13. This Wall

Reddit | ThatCoconut

Not only is this wall truly amazing — I mean I'm totally impressed with whoever made this — but it also opens into a secret room. What? Mind blown.

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14. This Laundromat

Reddit | StrangeMorris

Behind these fake laundry machines is a passage to an underground bar. How cool is that? I could always use a drink after doing the laundry anyway.

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15. This Staircase

Smart Product Technology

My inner child would love to have fun with this secret passage that leads to an underground room. What kid wouldn't love this?

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16. This Tiny Door

Reddit | Cafescrambler

It might be small, but a secret room is still a secret room. Looks like the perfect reading nook to me.

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17. This Wall Unit

Behind these organized shelves lies a hidden room. This would be a great office or reading room!

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18. This Double Bookcase

Will bookcases that lead to secret rooms ever be uncool? I don't think so! I love all of these bookish passages.

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19. This Sitting Room

This would be the perfect spot to hideout in when you have your family over for dinner. Just kidding! But it does look super cozy.

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20. This Library

Can you really call your library a library if it doesn't have at least one hidden room? That's what makes them so magical.

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21. This Gaming Den

Reddit | travelingCircusFreak

I know a few people who would absolutely love a gaming room like this. It looks awesome to me.

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22. This Cozy Nook

Reddit | TinySpiderman

It isn't Narnia, but you do have to travel through a closet to gain access to this hidden gem of a room. I could stay here all day.

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Okay, this settles it. I gotta get a house.


I want to build a secret room! One where I can escape away from reality to chill and unwind.

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