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Vodka-Filled Candy Canes Make Our Holidays Very Jolly

If you're absolutely stumped on what to get your Secret Santa, and if you happen to know that they enjoy a little spiked bevvy, look no further than Pinnacle Vodka's candy cane sampler sets.

Forget Secret Santa, to be honest — treat YOURSELF this holiday season.

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These mini vodka-filled candy canes are just too cute to pass up!

These festive gift sets are all thanks to the folks over at Pinnacle.

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They've filled these fun on-brand icy blue candy canes with four delectable flavors.

Whipped, Peach, and their plain flavor seem to be mainstays, but the fourth flavor is a wild card.


Maybe it'll include Raspberry, or Salted Caramel, or Pineapple — it's all part of the fun!

These go for $6.99, so they make for a super simple and thrifty stocking stuffer.

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Find them on All Star Wine, and be sure to look out for them in store!

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