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Mom Shamed After Calling 'Gender Neutral' Santa Father Christmas

Although the role of Santa Claus around Christmas time is more or less universal by this point, one thing that the nations of the world can't seem to agree on is what to call him.

Although most countries have it that an old man magically gives good children gifts during the most wonderful time of the year, his name ranges from Santa Claus to Saint Nicolas, to Father Christmas, to Père Noël, to (amusingly) Christmas Old Man depending on where you are in the world.

Furthermore, Finland stands out by not even making him human. Instead, a Christmas Goat handles his business in the Scandinavian nation.

But while many of us are more likely to call him Santa than Father Christmas, the opposite is true among English parents and children.

However, some rumblings suggest that this might not be true for long.

An unnamed mom from Plymouth, England walked into a bigger debate than she expected when she posted on a Facebook group.

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As Plymouth Live reported, she had intended to discuss the children's book Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs.

Soon, however, she said she was shamed for using the name Father Christmas as Santa is apparently more gender neutral.

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As she said, "I was only referring to the book below but it's left me a little confused/on edge about what we are aloud [sic] to say."

Apparently, that confusion was warranted as parents in her social circle were also divided on what to call Santa.

Given that this took place in England, it wasn't surprising that many would be in the pro-Father Christmas camp.

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One parent said, "Santa is so American, Father Christmas here and will always be Father Christmas" before adding, "It's always a man."

Other responses on this side of the debate tended to express similar sentiments.

Even among other British citizens, however, Father Christmas isn't what everyone preferred to call him.

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As one parent. "I must be the only one who hates 'Father Christmas', I much prefer 'Santa/Santa Claus,' plus it's easier for littlies to say."

Ultimately, however, the mom at the center of this debate seemed willing to give "Santa" a try.

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As she put it, "I have a small child and don't really want to raise him saying 'Father Christmas' if it's hurtful to some."

It might seem odd that Santa would be any less gendered than Father Christmas considering that both names refer to the same person.

However, one could also argue that anyone can become Santa as long as they put on the red suit and beard, while the idea of a specific Father Christmas leaves a little less fluidity.

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