'Captain Marvel' Has The Most Movie Mistakes Of 2019

Captain Marvel is a great film, and one that Marvel desperately needed to tie the Avengers to Avengers: Endgame.

She was the link they would need to help them defeat their greatest enemy: Thanos.

She also quickly became one of the most beloved characters of the franchise.

Marvel took some time (a little too much time) in giving us the female superhero movie that we deserved.


Black Widow is coming a few years too late, and DC beat Marvel to the punch with the Wonder Woman film.

But 'Captain Marvel' was definitely a breath of fresh air!


It was exactly what the Marvel universe needed. However, instead of also being the first female-driven Marvel film, it also stood out in a different area.

It was the movie with the most mistakes in all of 2019.

The mistakes come in both production mistakes and continuity errors.


So whoever did their research during the '90s, clearly didn't do enough of it.

Like when Carol Danvers remembers a Nirvana song that hadn't even come out yet.

That being said, it didn't hurt the film at all in the eyes of the critics or the viewers.


Fans loved it, and it was the female-driven film that Marvel fans desperately needed to see.

Did you notice any mistakes in the films? If you did, let us know which ones you caught below in the comments!