Give Cindy Lou Who A Run For Her Money With Christmas Tree Hair

Recently I told you about a few Christmas-inspired beauty trends such as wreath eyebrows and tinsel eyelashes. Now there's a new trend that is emerging this year and it's Christmas tree hair.

I can't think of anything more festive than having your own Christmas tree to walk around with. Ha, ha. Am I right? Check out these styles to get some inspiration if you want to really impress your family and friends.

1. This Updo

OMG, I've never seen anything like this before. Talk about a show-stopper here. I dunno if I would be bold enough to wear it, but okay.

2. Pretty In Green

I bet everyone will be green with envy when they see you do a bold look like this. This isn't for the faint of heart.

3. Tree Topper


Speaking of green, here's another version of going all green with your hair in a truly festive Christmas way. I'm loving the ornaments and the tree topper.

4. Christmas Tree Braid

Babes In Hairland

If you have a very talented hairstylist, I would run over to see them so they can recreate this really pretty Christmas-inspired braid style.

5. Festive Bow Braid


Here's another really cool idea for a Christmas-inspired braid. This one is adorned with a pretty sparkly bow and I think it looks absolutely fabulous.

6. Green Ribbon Tree Braid


If you're looking for a very unique and intricate hair design, this one might strike your fancy. It's so detailed, pretty and a little extra.

7. Ribbon And Bows Design

Check out this cool video on how to do a long Christmas braid that will surely make you a show stopper this holiday season.

8. Christmas Head Piece

Oh wow, this is definitely quite the festive Christmas look. I bet it took a ton of time but the final result is pretty amazing.

9. Double Braid Style

Wow I wish I could do a double braid like this myself but I think it would be quite the challenge. Hee, hee. Such a fun idea.

10. Green Hair Piece Design

Oh my, talk about another elaborate design that's perfect for Christmas. I don't even know how it's done but I gotta say it's pretty impressive.

11. Go Big Or Go Home

Ha, ha, ha. I'm not sure how this hair stays up high like this but it seems to be working out for this lady.

12. Mermaid Christmas Hair

If you ever wanted to change your hair color in a bold way, this is definitely it. I love this amazing hue and the whole design.

13. Festive Updo

If your Christmas tree doesn't have enough sparkle, perhaps your hair will. LOL! I love how they incorporated string lights in this pretty Christmas-inspired updo.

So many ideas, so little time until Christmas.

If you pick any of these Christmas-inspired hair styles make sure you get a great hair stylist to recreate it for you.

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