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16+ Clever Creations That Could Make Our Lives Significantly Easier

Some people see problems and other people see solutions. And those are the people who we have to thank for these pretty clever inventions.

Perhaps you didn't realize you even needed these little creations in your life, or perhaps you've been waiting for these very solutions to your problems all along.

Either way, get ready to be impressed because these are some seriously cool inventions.

"The microwave I use at work has a button to turn off the sound, so it doesn't beep when your food is done."

Reddit | kfaust3032

The benefits of this "sound off" button extend far past the office. Think about all those times you sneak into the kitchen at 2 in the morning to heat up a hot pocket and have to stop the microwave before it hits 0 so you don't wake up your parents.

This is revolutionary.

"This hotel clock has displays on three sides."

Reddit | ecklesweb

Now you don't have to flip the clock around every time you just want to see what time it is! Genius!

"This store has a winter simulator for testing out winter clothing."

Reddit | j1ggy

This is perfect because I can't tell you how many times I've dropped a substantial amount of money on a new winter jacket, only for the chilly season to arrive and that coat turn out to be absolutely useless against the cold.

"This toaster has a 'a bit more' option."

Reddit | iam1080p

Now you don't have to accidentally burn your toast just because you wanted it a little more toasted.

"This TP roll has a mini portable roll in the center instead of a cardboard tube."

Reddit | terfing88

Someone in the comment section wrote that these particular rolls are commonplace in Peru where most bathrooms don't have roll holders, so no need for the cardboard center anyway!

"This movie theater has screens in the bathrooms so you don't miss any of the action."

Reddit | FPS-

Anyone who saw the nearly three-hour long IT: Chapter Two movie probably endured the same problem I did. At some point you just couldn't hold it in any longer and had to run out of the theater to pee, only to come back and have missed something huge.

This will prevent that!

"This door has a shelf to set your coffee on while you open it."

Reddit | yelehneb

This way you don't have to struggle to open the door with full hands, or try to hold your coffee cup between your teeth, or wait for someone else to take pity on you and open the door for you.

"This restaurant has a sign to let the waiter know if you need help."

Reddit | CostnerFacts

It's a little awkward when your waiter keeps appearing at your table while you're in the middle of shoveling food into your mouth. This way, they only show up when you need them to.

"My ramen has a built-in strainer."

Reddit | eyeshadowgunk

This will basically eliminate an entire step in your ramen-making process so you can get to the good part (eating) way faster!

"This restaurant tabletop condiment caddy has a special holder to make sure the ketchup bottle is always primed for use."

Reddit | JayMoots

Have you ever found yourself sat at a table full of people who end up watching you struggle to slap a few droplets of ketchup out of a glass bottle?

Yeah, same. This needs to be in every restaurant everywhere.

"This pizza place tells you the area of all their pizza sizes and how large they are compared to each other."

Reddit | Bradenkw

This is a pretty neat and it is something I think more pizza places should implement too.

On a separate note, I like Big Dave's style. Now that's a pizza.

"Each floor has a pattern corresponding to the floor number."

Reddit | moneyslow

I especially love that each pattern incorporates that floor's number somehow, although it appears they may have accidentally jumped from floor 4 to 25, and then simply resumed with floor 6 like nothing happened.

"My local laundromat is also a bar."

Reddit | kskuzmich

I once saw a post showing an apartment building's laundry room that had some exercise equipment in there too so you could burn a few cals while you washed your delicates.

Personally, I think this idea is just a bit better.

"This elevator shows how close to capacity it is based on the weight of the riders."

Reddit | bgrafnation

Sometimes you find yourself in a jam-packed elevator and you can't help sweating a bit as you look at the weight limit and wonder if you're all pushing the capacity. This would definitely help my anxiety in those situations.

"My school has racks in the front office for kids to put their skateboards on during the day."

Reddit | boopnoobdope

This way students don't have to carry their boards with them to class or try to shove them inside their lockers.

I don't know about all of you, but my high school lockers weren't equipped for anything besides text books. Definitely no room for skateboards in there.

"This scrolling seat cover."

Reddit | Em_pox

The whole reason you're using a seat cover in the first place is so that no part of you has to touch the toilet, but you still have to place it on the seat! This handy device does the work for you and keeps your hands nice and clean, just how we like them.

"This traffic light shows how long you have to wait."

Reddit | Lucasboevinck02

I'm not saying I'm always an impatient driver but there are some times when I find myself at a red light that seems to last an eternity, so yeah it would definitely be nice to know just how long I have to sit there for.

"In an attempt to reduce waste, this hotel soap has no middle."

Reddit | death_by_sexy

While I'm all for reducing waste, I can't help but think the most appealing part about this soap is the fact that it's probably way easier to hold in the shower with that hole in the middle there.

"This dishwasher projects the remaining time onto the floor."

Reddit | SwissJAmes

This is definitely a handy feature that I think more dishwashers should have! Even if it's not projected on the floor, it would be nice to know how long a particular load is going to take until it's done and I can eat my dinner on a plate instead of out of a frying pan.

"This ballpoint pen refill has a gauge that indicates how much more it can write."

Reddit | Ghaatok

Personally, I don't use refillable pens but I can just imagine the frustration at being caught by surprise the moment your pen suddenly runs out of ink. Having a visible gauge to let you know how much is left would definitely prevent a lot of stress.

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