16 Silly People Who Woke Up On The Weird Side Of Bed

Diply 17 Apr 2018

We're all too used to the feeling of waking up tired and grumpy, but every now and then our exhaustion can be a little more fun. Well, at least more fun for us.

I'm talking about the kind of exhaustion that somehow makes us hyper and silly. The kind that once convinced me "professfermissimitude" was a word. Sadly, I don't remember what it was supposed to have meant.

I have a feeling the people on this list are that kind of tired.

1. I can see its wide eyes from behind its head, so I know that this mouse has absolutely no idea what's happening right now.

Instagram | @will_ent

Still, I'm sure it's just glad that inspiration struck this person before they started laying traps down.

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2. If the FBI was this subtle about watching us, our only response to a whistle-blower would be "well, duh."

Reddit | BarryLLL

"Wow, how much drier does that lady think her towel can get? Only the best for her strange, metallic head, I guess."

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3. Oh, har de har har. We're just settling in for a quiet night with some chips and salsa, are we?

Reddit | ClassicGuy100

You know, I hope that chip was already busted before they did this. Otherwise, I get the feeling they have one expensive joke on their hands.

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4. Yeah, I can't give this guy any grief. If I had his talent, I'd try to turn the world into a roadrunner cartoon, too.

Instagram | Instagram

Also, bonus points for blowing the minds of everybody who drives by this. And it's great for directions if you can describe it.

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5. Haha, if real life were like DnD, this guy would need a lot of points in Stealth to pull this off.

Instagram | @will_ent

I'm kinda disappointed that this person didn't have a bright yellow sari to go with this, but I suppose that blending into the wheel is good enough.

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6. You know what? I think I'll allow this. After all, something has to make us feel better about those times when it's a bit of a struggle. 

Moped Army | Moped Army

I don't know what kind of person would be brave enough to touch those handlebars, though.

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7. I can almost see why someone would hold out hope for their Cheerios somehow turning into noodles, but they've lost me with the banana.

Reddit | Hyruxs

This seems like the kind of culinary decision someone would make if they actually wanted Gordon Ramsay to call them a donkey.

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8. This young'un was pretty clever and everything, but how did he get in there without putting his arms up?

Instagram | @will_ent

Was somebody so over their job that they actually put it over him? At least they'd have an answer if a worried mom asked where he was.

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9. Haha, I guess I shouldn't have ruled out the possibility that someone would crawl back into the weird side of bed.

Instagram | @streetcatto

I'd be too worried that one of these would fall off and break to even try this.

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10. First he doesn't get a medal, and then Chewbacca just has to quietly dream about this endorsement? He always gets a raw deal.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

Still, the second that L'Oréal changes their slogan to "raaaugh," they'll know exactly who to call. Just look at that luscious, flowing mane.

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11. Believe it or not, I can see why someone did this.

Reddit | UnivStudent2

If even this expensive equipment can't win, that game was cheating us hard, as we always thought.

I wonder if an actual surgeon got roasted by their coworkers for losing, and now they're proving a point.

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12. Well, I'm glad that somebody was able to find an upside to the annoying task of taping their trunk back together.

Reddit | trianglefox

After all, who would possibly rear-end such a rad skeleton? He's even telling us to hang loose, so he's not one of those mean ones.

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13. Man, I wish I was rich enough to make people bring my time-traveling Kill Bill fanfiction to life.

Reddit | ark1us_

I guess I could just get a LARP group together for that, but I don't want the headache of judging the winner.

It's really lopsided.

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14. I had hoped the dad always brings a plunger in case of tantrums, but the tag that's still attached to it tells me he improvised. 

Reddit | MadethisforGrillerz

If that doesn't teach Junior that he's not getting whatever toy he wants, nothing will. The only problem is that the kid might enjoy the ride too much.

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15. See how serious everyone looks behind these pancakes? It's like this is just something everyone does.


I don't know, maybe the struggle to make the dog stop eating them made them regret the whole idea.

Either that or only the photographer wanted this.

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16. A lot of talent and effort went into a purpose I don't understand.

Instagram | Instagram

Especially since it's basically a law of nature that somebody's gonna actually use this thing.

I don't make the rules.

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