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14+ Weird Things We Never Realized Were Possible

The world is weird. It's wonderful and interesting and beautiful, but mostly, it's weird.

We deal with this fact by adhering to certain rules and expectations that are created both by society and by simply experiencing the world around us. So when something in the world seems to break our expectations, we sometimes just need to take a moment to collect ourselves.

This guy is amazing.

Reddit | VhagarCaraxes

Not because he's lifting a wheelchair, but because he's lifting a wheelchair four and a half years after doctor's told him he was likely paralyzed from the neck down.

Not all bicycle accidents are people doing stupid tricks.

Reddit | future_career

Sometimes, the wheel just decides to detach itself and it takes you a decade to find the lucky photo your parent took to prove the story.

Apparently, you can electrocute yourself by accident while getting ready for an X-ray.

Twitter | @Arriko

It takes some impressive dumb luck, though. Twitter user @Arriko says that she was swinging the protective gown on and a metal piece at the end of the strap hit the electrical socket.

Her hair was standing on end and the power was knocked out.

That is a LOT of balanced coins.

Reddit | nnaknak

It takes a steady hand to balance a coin on its side, but I can't imagine doing this many at once without bumping the table or something.

This bison is helpfully staying in its own lane.

Reddit | beefyfritosburrito

The person that shared this pic said they were out walking after midnight when this was taken, and dude, that's how horror movies start.

You're lucky it was just a friendly bison.

Those are some strong wires!

Reddit | jblaise13

They're barely even bending from the sudden lack of support. Also surprising is that the driver survived with barely a scratch.

A lot of people were surprised about this squirrel munching a whole slice of pizza.

Reddit | michpalm

But having seen my local squirrels get in fights over human food, I'm not that surprised. They'll eat anything.

This guy realized he was dressed the same as another guy in the restroom.

Reddit | WatDuztheFoxSay

This wouldn't be so impossible, except that earlier in the evening his girlfriend had complained about him dressing like an old guy and this coincidence proved her right.

Someone's dad once pinned Chuck Norris.

Reddit | LanaDelRayquaza

I'm looking at the image and yet, I still find it hard to believe. I thought only God could pin Chuck Norris, and even they'd break a sweat.

This is some unintentional art that is also quite tasty.

Reddit | ssteiny

It may look like an abstract surfer dude among some serious waves, but it's actually chocolate sauce that has frozen onto ice cream.

Om nom.

This dog didn't just eat homework, it ate ALL the homework.

Reddit | paulathekoala95

You see, because the owner is actually the teacher, who took it all home to grade.

Everyone gets an A!

I hope this ostrich is wearing its seatbelt!

Reddit | DarkTribalCow

Apparently in New Zealand, you can just buy an ostrich on the local equivalent of Craigslist.

Sometimes nature can help make art more powerful.

Reddit | ozbirder

Judging by the way this picture is hung, someone noticed the way the light fell and did this on purpose. Hopefully, the artwork is under UV-protective glass.

Squirrels aren't always as agile as we would like to think...

Reddit | beefyfritosburrito

At least, that's the only clear explanation for the imprints in the snow. If a squirrel falls off your roof and doesn't make a cartoon splat noise, did it really happen?

There are lots of amazing caterpillar patterns, but this one looks like penguins!

Reddit | idiot_snatcher

It's so cute that I'm not weirded out at all by how long the caterpillar is.

This kitty has four fangs instead of two.

Reddit | droL-notelekS

It probably won't last very long, though, because two of the fangs are actually the baby teeth. They just haven't fallen out yet.

This isn't uncommon for cats, but if they don't fall out on their own, they may require help from a vet.

This has to break about a dozen safety regulations.

Reddit | noathings

Can you imagine driving around, minding your own business, and then finding yourself behind this? I'd be taking the next right ASAP.

We all know that with great ketchup comes great splatter.

Reddit | visually-create

Squeeze bottles solve the problem of the ketchup not pouring, but they always seem to get splatter on the table and you.

This pic shows that it's possible to avoid red spots on your shirt by angling the lid to block the spray. Simple, yet genius!

Don't trespass on this tree!

Reddit | daito-

What is amazing is that some of the sign can still be read on the bark of the tree. Some people suggested that it could be due to the fact that the tree grew in between the vinyl and the metal.

There's a breed of dog with a weird, ridged back.

Reddit | ThisPeachIsSubpar

It's called a Rhodesian Ridgeback. The fur along the ridge grows in the opposite direction, creating a funky effect on their back.

Some clouds can be rainbows too!

Reddit | imamc

Someone managed to capture this beautiful cloud wisp masquerading as a rainbow, and it is just stunning!

This super long "mini marshmallow."

Reddit | Michellehas2ls

Now I don't eat marshmallows because they taste of sugary mould, so the sight of this flaccid monstrosity is terrifying! Cut your damn marshmallows, companies!

"In my country the cereal can't have cartoons on the boxes"

Reddit | Chaos_gamer

This photo was taken in Chile, and the reason behind this is due to the fact that they have stricter child marketing laws.

The restrictions are tighter in some countries, as they do not believe that it is acceptable to target children who are too young to understand that they are being manipulated.

This person found three one dollar bills with serial numbers in sequence.

Reddit | sharkman326

Now, as mildly interesting as this is, the bigger question is, why are you checking the serial numbers on your bank notes guy?! Get a hobby!

Try before you buy!

Reddit | phoenixreborn75

This Dutch supermarket actually lets you test the brands of toilet paper that they sell, so you know which brand to buy. What a strangely good idea!

Did you know that some starfish have birth defects that make them square?

Reddit | MeepSecurity

Well, you do now! Doesn't this little guy look just like a seafood pop tart?

When 6 sides just isn't enough!

Reddit | M_Blaster05

I bet this really spiced up their D&D games! If D&D can really be spiced up, that is.

This braille phone screen protector.

Reddit | KrispAlien

The person who posted this explained that their blind friend has a specially built screen protector with braille dots in the plastic. What an amazing invention!

The plastic window on this packaging is actually made out of wood!

Reddit | obbets

These packages are completely plastic-free! They used wood pulp to make the plastic window, I have no idea how, but God bless those boffins!

The texting subway ghost.

Reddit | TheSh0rt1

The way that the glass's reflective surface is angled in this photo makes the man appear like an apparition, or maybe he is an apparition!

This bird that looks like Danny DeVito.

Reddit | jolteona

I bet you never thought that a bird could resemble perhaps the finest actor alive today, but think again!

This cat with half and half eyes.

Reddit | icant-chooseone

This condition is called sectoral heterochromia, and makes this cat look like the perfect bond villain's feline companion!

This spoon has been eroded due to excessive coffee drinking!

Reddit | cistfurcharlie

This person wrote that their grandmother has used this single spoon for her coffees for around 45 years, and as a result, it has gone square.

This also suggests that this person's grandmother has eaten a portion of a teaspoon, amazing.

Sadly, this doesn't work in real life.

Reddit | flamingboard

The arresting officer didn't believe the protester when they said they had a Get Out of Jail Free card in their pockets, but they did.

Their bond was $300.

These Buenos Aires street benches are actually made of cement.

Reddit | vragal

The detail on these cement benches is staggering. It's a sad state of affairs when concrete benches in the street look better than most of the furniture we have in our houses!

When you accidentally order a 1 inch pizza.

Reddit | superjam0508

This person meant to type in that they wanted it to be 10 inch, not 12 inch. However, they accidentally typed in 1 inch, and the pizzeria made it 1 inch!

Finland has buttons to thank the bus driver.

Reddit | Goat_Juice

Of course this is in Finland, with its natural wonders, beautiful landscapes, and generally upbeat demeanour!

The sun managed to change the color of this box.

Reddit | SeppiFox

Apparently, this box sat on their windowsill for over four years! So, if you're planning on doing this to try and sell your controller off as "limited edition" I'd get it in the sun pronto!

I can't imagine how big the tree is!

Reddit | gomminator

This is apparently the largest dicotyledon leaf ever found in the Amazon. Imagine if leaves that size were cluttering your driveway!

The amount of detail and depth in this tattoo.

Reddit | unnaturalorder

This has obviously been done by an incredibly talented artist! I can't imagine being that good at anything!

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