'Nirvana' Baby Recreates Iconic Album Cover Years Later

When it comes to iconic album covers, few can top the lasting impact of Nirvana's second studio album "Nevermind" released in September 1991.

The album is one of the best selling records of all time.


And it's iconic cover art features a baby boy in a pool, reaching for a $1 bill on a fishing hook.

Of course, that little boy grew up to understand what an iconic photo he was apart of.

Facebook | John Chapple Photography

Spencer Elden recreated his Nirvana cover to mark the 25-year anniversary of its release.

This time, there were boxer shorts and no fishing hook involved.

Facebook | John Chapple Photography

So cool!

In his interview with "Time," Elden reflects on growing up as a rock star baby:

"Looking back, it feels kind of stupid doing interviews about it, because I had nothing to do with it, but a lot to do with it all at the same time," he confessed.

"It's a really weird feeling being a part of someone else's momentum — being caught up in this wake of stuff," he concluded.

Instagram | @johnchapple

Fun fact —Elden’s parents were reportedly paid a whopping $200 for the 15 second photoshoot back in 1991 by photographer Kirk Weddle.

Elden was offered the same amount 25-years-later by John Chapple, the photographer who agreed to do the photoshoot this time around.

Elden once infamously said he preferred The Clash over Nirvana, but I wonder if this photoshoot changed any of that.

Guess we'll have to wait and see what the 30 year anniversary brings!

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