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Shia LaBeouf Compares Tom Hardy To A 'Gorilla' On Set

Well, the only way we'll know if this is a compliment or a diss is if we read the rest of the article.

Maybe... it's a little bit of both?

But don't take the words too personally to heart, considering the two are good friends. It's all in good fun.

So Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy were in a movie together.

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It came out like 7 years ago, so you should know this already.

It's called Lawless, and it's about bootlegging Bondurant brothers and their run-in with a mad lawman from Chicago.

Even though the movie is pretty old...

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It came up recently in an interview.

Shia himself was talking to The Hollywood Reporter (with a bunch of other actors) and was asked what the most intimidating thing he's faced in his career was.

He replied:

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He continued with that sentiment, likening Tom Hardy to a Gorilla.

But why a Gorilla? Because Tom is the alpha male on the set:

"Well, he runs the set. He’d pee in the corners. It’s his set, you know it when you get there."

What? He peed in corners?


Well, there might be a smidge of hyperbole in there, but the point was this:

"It doesn’t feel like a shared space, it feels like his space. And he’s a very good actor and also super-loving, but on a set, you’re in his church."