15 Attempts That Were Barely Made

Diply 13 Apr 2018

It can be hard to constantly be at 100% all day, and sometimes people will phone it in when it comes to certain tasks. However, it's pretty clear that these people didn't just phone it in — they couldn't even get the phone off the hook.

1. Either the ladder they got was too short to reach the sign, or they thought they had way less room than they actually did.

Reddit | linda-fromHR

You can tell they were super into it at the beginning, but got tired of it pretty quickly.

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2. That awkward moment when you fall asleep while drawing the line for a kids' soccer field.

Reddit | -cringe-

Then again, kids probably wouldn't care whether there was a line there at all. Sports are for the fun of it, not the competition. Right? No? That explains my childhood...

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3. I'm unsure as to whether this person really hates grammar, spelling, classic rock, or some combination of the three.

Reddit | mdsouza85

Perhaps they have a dark past involving a spelling bee where Bon Jovi was a special guest. I bet the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper.

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4. For some reason, it was very important for this person to assert that this is not, in fact, a school bus.

Reddit | Regg_Da_Veg

I might not drive a Tesla, but there's nothing stopping me from writing Tesla over the make of my car.

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5. Win or lose, he's still a good boy in our books. In fact, all dogs ought to be judged that way.


He might not have jumped the hurdle, but he certainly jumped into my heart.

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6. That awkward moment when you said you would make chocolate chip pancakes, but forgot half of the recipe.

Reddit | commandertuna

Do chocolate chips count as a garnish? This is important for a salad I'm working on.

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7. Yeah, I expect that damage will buff right out.

Reddit | morandomdanu

They could have at the very least provided a more flattering angle for the rest of the car. Still, it might be worth more in scrap depending on how much they're asking.

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8. Duct tape is useful for a lot of things. However, effectively covering up graffiti is not one of them.

Reddit | SplungerPlunger

They might be better off if they applied the duct tape and then ripped it off.

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9. Here's a general rule when you decide to use children's characters to appeal to kids: Do it well, or not at all.

Reddit | CowSheepGoat

Snoopy looks like his soul has been sucked out.

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10. Presenting the lazy man's bird feeder: for the person who wants to see birds but doesn't want to put in the work.

Reddit | Haxtedshorty

In reality, they just made that entire pole one raccoon away from getting pulled down.

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11. Since getting your package stolen is such a prevalent problem, you'd think there would be a better spot to put this one.

Reddit | Vielden

Now you run the risk of having your package and your welcome mat stolen.

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12. Where did they find this actual footage of me playing soccer?


The best quality that any athlete can have is being committed to the game. I think belly flopping into the ground for a save counts.

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13. While I applaud their bravery for using pen, I don't think they used a reference for this.

Reddit | Comochin_Gas

Mario and Yoshi look like they've been caught in a freak chemical accident and fused at the waist.

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14. When your clock breaks and it's cheaper to replace it than pay someone to fix it. 

Reddit | h4wkeyepierce

Here's hoping that the tape holds, or they're going to have to keep buying smaller clocks.

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15. Doing this makes you slightly better than someone who would leave it empty, but still worse than someone who would actually put the roll on.

Reddit | Thehappypine1

The real question is: How many times people can do this before it stops fitting?

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The next time you think about doing something, consider whether the job you'll do is something you will be proud of, or if something like this might be more appropriate:

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