Netflix's 'Messiah' Already Promising To Be Controversial

Whenever someone does a show about Jesus, unless it's done by the most Christian of Christians, people say it's going to be offensive.

Heck, I bet Jesus himself could do a movie about Jesus and people would still complain!

But is this finally the film that actually is offensive? Read on to form your own opinion.

So there's this new TV show on Netflix coming out...


It's called Messiah and... oh? What's that? I hear several angry groups protesting at my gates.

So yeah, this show has already garnered some controversy and it's not even out yet!

But it might have something to do with the show's premise.


It's about this guy who appears out of nowhere one day and can suddenly perform miracles.

He saves lives, he disappears and reappears in random places all over the world at will. He just seems like an awesome guy.

Or perhaps a hoax?


That's what a CIA operative played by Michelle Monaghan believes, and she's out to stop this so-called Messiah before he gets too powerful.

Or amasses too many followers.

Obviously this is a tale about the new Jesus Christ, in our modern world.

Here's the trailer:

And you don't need me to tell you whether you find this controversial or not. Why don't you check out the trailer for yourself and decide?

Unless you want me to make your decisions for you. Which I'm cool with too.