10+ Weddings That Took A Turn For The Worse

I tell you, planning a wedding is not only really interesting, but also super stressful. There are so many moving targets you need to get right before the big day, it's unbelievable. And even when you think you have everything planned to a tee, something can still go wrong. That's my worst nightmare.

Turns out I'm not the only one stressing, especially when things can go as bad as this.

1. This Waterfront Disaster

Twitter | @kevinrobledo

So I'm contemplating taking some wedding photos at the waterfront, but I really hope this doesn't happen. I'm praying it won't be windy that day.

2. This Dancing Enthusiast

Looks like this is going to be one long wedding night for this fella. Ha, ha. At least he's still in a dancing mood. Right on!

3. The Mid-Ceremony Phone Ring

It's pretty much a known fact that everyone should turn off their phone ringers for the ceremony, but there's always one person who forgets.

4. The Cake Tumble

So you spend countless hours looking for the perfect wedding cake. From tasting to picking the exact look, and then somebody does this to it.

5. This Bouquet Catch Fight

Wow, if you're going to fight a 10-year-old for the bridal bouquet, you clearly have a few problems in your life. LOL!

6. The Joker

Okay, I'm sure there are a few jokers in every family. But maybe you can leave the mean jokes until after the wedding. Don't steal the spotlight.

7. The White Dress Fiasco

Twitter | @DrJessTaylor

It's bad enough if someone shows up wearing a white dress to a wedding, but when it's your own mother, that's definitely disappointing. Wow.

8. The Lost Memories

Holy crap! I hope this doesn't happen at my wedding. Now that I've read this, I'm going to check those cameras closely before the day starts.

9. When Being Romantic Backfires

I can just imagine my fiancé trying to do this. He's such a cute romantic. I definitely gotta show him this pic. No, no, no.

10. Posing With Animals Is Always An Adventure

Reddit | Elfinas

I dunno why some people insist on posing for wedding pictures with wild animals. To each their own, I guess.

11. The Best "Best Man"

Reddit | Jrnelson34

Imagine if your best man showed to the wedding dressed like this. I hope this was just a gag and not the real thing. LOL!

12. This Unfortunate Accident

OMG, you think you're being totally responsible throwing birdseed on the bridal party instead of confetti until this happens. I would be so ticked.

13. When You Get Upstaged By Another Couple


Seriously, if anybody thinks it's a great idea to propose to their significant other at another wedding, it's actually pretty evil. Right?

14. Beware of Birds

I'm sure if you dig deep enough, someone, somewhere once interpreted this as a sign of good luck.

15. When the Gods Aren't In Your Favor

Hey, who hasn't been caught getting in a few z's on the job?

16. Here's One Way to Keep the Bride From Thinking It's All About Her

I'm surprised this bride didn't upend the table with the birthday cake!

17. This Wedding Was Lit...In The Wrong Way

Remember what your mom told you about not playing with fire?

18. Shock and Awe

Reddit | u/HESH_CATS

The caption on this photo is: "The exact moment my brother knocked over the wedding cake."

But really, I think the story is all in the look on the girl's face in the background.

19. When There's a Wardrobe Malfunction

Reddit | u/spockdeezy

In the grand scheme of things, getting hit in the face with a rogue suspender isn't so bad. But I'm sure it stung a bit — both his face and his ego.

20. There's A Time And A Place For Practical Jokes

Reddit | u/chosenplatypus

But I really don't think my wedding day is one of them. This groom thought he was about to get his first glimpse of his bride, but instead, it was his brother in a wedding dress.

21. Every Bride Wants To Look Hot

But I doubt this is what they're actually going for. Here's hoping the bride didn't get singed in the process.

22. When A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

This guy looks like a deer caught in the headlights.

23. That's One Way To Make An Entrance

At least it had a happy ending.

24. When Your Photographer Is a Klutz

Here's hoping nothing happened to the camera equipment.

25. I Think This Is What They Call Divine Intervention

Do you think it was God calling?

26. There's A Time And A Place To Be Cheeky


But I'm not sure a wedding is it.

27. The Expression Is 'Cut Some Rug'

Unfortunately, sometimes what ends up getting cut are the groom's pants.

28. At Least It Looked Good On The Way Down

Reddit | u/BritFire

Honestly, though, this photo makes me want to cry.

29. The Bride Asked For A Reaction Shot Of Her Groom Upon Her Arrival

Reddit | u/MoonpiesForMisfits

Unfortunately, she slipped and fell — and this was his reaction. Can you blame him?

30. This Guy Vowed To His Sister That He Would Bring A Llama To Her Wedding

Reddit | u/DJ117Xx

And he delivered. But she doesn't look too pleased about him sticking to his word.

32. This Dad May Need A New Watch

In fairness, I think my dad would do the same thing.

33. Thanks, Grandma.

That's gotta sting.

34. Let's Just Call This A Feminist Garter

I hope this guy has worked on fine-tuning his sense of humor since the wedding. This is hilarious!

Looking at these disasters is giving me even more anxiety.

I know you can't exactly prevent all the mishaps, but I'm just praying for a miracle on my wedding day.